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As a follow up to @howardeskin report - Per source, there is a chance of an alteration, or removal of mask for Joel Embiid in coming days. Nothing definitive at moment, but a possibility.
Kyle Neubeck: Embiid was asked about and refused to use his mask as an excuse for his struggles against Boston. “Everything I’ve been doing in this series, I won’t put that on the mask. That’s on me.”
Embiid acknowledged that the mask bothered him at times Thursday night. "At the end of the day, no matter how much it bothers me I still got to be a basketball player," he said. "If the shots aren't falling or it gets foggy and I can't see, you know, there's a lot of different stuff I can do."
Ramona Shelburne: Here's the mask!
Ramona Shelburne: The mask Embiid is wearing tonight has protective eyewear built into it! It’s carbon AND poly carbonate. Hence, it’s stronger than a normal mask. Let’s just say this has been a super involved hi-tech project between the Sixers, Embiid’s camp and the independent league doctors.
Ramona Shelburne: The reasons this was such a “process.” It’s the second time Embiid has broken this area of his face. First time was at Kansas. All the doctors involved felt there was significant risk of reinjury. So there’s been a lot of work done in developing this new stronger mask.
Shandel Richardson: Spo on Embiid possibly playing tonight in Game 3: "We're not trying to duck competition."
Ramona Shelburne: Both from a healing and a protection standpoint (the mask!) he's been cleared, per sources. But needs to go through pregame warmups before they make the final call.
Joel Embiid is still in the process of receiving full clearance to return to the court, according to a source familiar with the situation who spoke with PhillyVoice. Embiid, who is looking at a return to play following surgery to address a broken orbital bone on the left side of his face, will ultimately need final clearance from the surgical team responsible for performing the operation, per a source.
Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown said on Tuesday that the organization, Joel Embiid, his representatives and team doctors are "very unified" in how Embiid's injury is being handled. The All-Star center expressed frustration late Monday night about being held out of the Sixers' Game 2 loss to the Miami Heat thanks to injury.
Ian Begley: Brett Brown said there is a ‘unified effort’ among the Sixers, Joel Embiid’s representatives and Embiid’s surgeon regarding the approach for his return. He has still not been cleared for contact and there is no exact timetable for his return at the moment.
There are still a few medical hurdles for Embiid to clear as he returns from surgery, sources told ESPN. The recovery is a process of ramping up to different stages of activity. Internally, there is optimism that Embiid will return when the series is in Miami, though it's unclear if that will be for Game 3 on Thursday, according to sources.
The result tied the series at 1-1; losing home-court advantage for the remainder of the first round match-up. And with Embiid’s return seemingly a day-to-day decision; it looks as though the big man’s patience is finally up. The Sixers star posted an Instagram Story, which read simply: “F***ing sick and tired of being babied.”
Speaking after the game, head coach Brett Brown discussed his star’s absence. “You need Joel Embiid... I felt tonight it was a really strong example of how you wished you had him.” Asked about Embiid’s Instagram post, Brown wasn’t concerned. “He wants to play in front of the fans, he wants to see this through,” Brown told reporters.
Dan Gelston: Embiid is wearing his black mask and shooting 3s and half court shots. Crowd "oohs" & "aahhs" with each make or miss.
Manny Navarro: Brett Brown said Embiid announcement for Game 3 isn’t going to happen tonight. Says he still hasn’t “felt a body” yet in workouts.
Tom Moore: #Sixers coach Brett Brown on Joel Embiid: ‘He is the difference-maker. I can’t wait to play him.’ Says result of Game 2 won’t have impact on Embiid’s status.
Jessica Camerato: Joel Embiid cleared the NBA concussion protocol. He is OUT for game two.
Ramona Shelburne: Joel Embiid said he thinks there's a "pretty good chance" he'll be able to play in Game 2 or 3. "If it was my decision I would play, but I can’t get back out on the court if I don’t have the OK from them," Embiid said. "But everything has been going well."
Ramona Shelburne: Embiid also said he's lost a bit of weight since the collision with Markelle Fultz. He's gone from "280-something to 275" which he thinks is related to not being able to lift as much. Normally when he's missed time, Embiid gains weight.
Jessica Camerato: How does Brett Brown game plan for a series with the uncertainty of Joel Embiid? “You just plan like you never have him.” #sixers #heat
Done with the exercise bike test, Embiid is cleared to go the next stage, which is working out on a treadmill or doing light cardio. If he’s symptom free from there, he can resume on-court activities without contact before moving on. So there are a couple of stages he has to hit before playing in a game. The Sixers are confident that he’ll reach those stages.
Keith Pompey: #Sixers center @Joel Embiid has been concussion symptom free since March 29, the day after fracturing the orbital bone near his left eye.
Jessica Camerato: "Might this be a way where he can get an unplanned rest? Possibly. But if you gave me my choice, and it ain’t even close, I wished he was wish us." - Brett Brown on Joel Embiid
Rachel Nichols: ‪Hey look who I found: @JoelEmbiid smiling & back to looking much more like himself again post-surgery. He echoed the #Sixers saying he’s got no set return date, although (no surprise) he’s super-eager to come back, said “you know if it was up to me, I’d be out there for Game 1.”‬ #NBA
Ramona Shelburne: A little context on Joel Embiid's return from what should really be described as a broken face. He's gonna start riding a bike & walking on a treadmill this weekend. You have to ramp up the exertion level of cardio slowly when coming back from these types of injuries. Once Embiid can do more intense cardio, he can do the exertion test to clear concussion protocol. The healing of the facial fracture is hard to predict. I'm told there's "hope" he can get back for playoffs but expecting him for Game 1 isn't something to speculate on yet.
Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid underwent surgery Saturday to repair the orbital fracture around his left eye, league sources said. Embiid could return in two weeks, sources said. Doctors will still need to clear Embiid for him to return to the floor, but pain threshold could play a significant part in how quickly he can return to the court.
Jon Johnson: Per source, Embiid two week timetable from today is very optimistic. Not impossible, but everything would need to go right(recovery, pain tolerance).
Adrian Wojnarowski: Sixers center Joel Embiid underwent surgery today to repair orbital fracture, league source tells ESPN.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Embiid could return in two weeks, league sources tell ESPN. Much of his return date could be based upon pain threshold. Embiid will still need to be cleared by doctors to return.
There’s hope out in Philly. With Sixers All-Star Joel Embiid set to have surgery after suffering an orbital fracture around his left eye, ESPN‘s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that it’s possible he only misses one playoff game.
Wojnarowski: "They're waiting for the swelling to go down in that fracture. The hope is to get him into surgery either Saturday or Sunday. But there's reason to believe that if all goes well with the surgery and the recovery, he may only miss Game 1 or 2 of the Eastern Conference playoff series. There's hope he can be back in essentially two weeks."
Jessica Camerato: Brett Brown expects the Sixers play with a faster pace, more three-point shooting without Joel Embiid. Said defense is biggest concern: “Everything’s got to be perfect, or as perfect as we can be, defensively.”
Joel Embiid: I guess I gotta trust “The Process” that I’ve been preaching... Unfortunate freak accident but I’ll be more than fine. Injuries jokes coming in 3,2,1 #TheProcess #Two-Face
Kyle Neubeck: Joel Embiid has been diagnosed with a concussion, in addition to an orbital fracture in his left eye. He will receive surgery to address the fracture in the days to come.
Jessica Camerato: Embiid medical update. And there's a lot in it:
Zach Lowe: Pending the results of surgery, Embiid could return to play in 2-4 weeks, per league source. First round obviously in some jeopardy.
Derek Bodner: Sense is Joel Embiid's absence from #Sixers lineup likely to extend beyond this two game road trip, I'm told. Full extent of his injuries, and expected recovery, is still being determined. Embiid suffered a facial contusion in a collision with teammate Markelle Fultz last night.
Jessica Camerato: Joel Embiid was released from the hospital. He will not travel with the Sixers when they fly to Atlanta today.
Embiid was taken to a hospital for precautionary testing after a nasty collision with teammate Markelle Fultz. The team said the All-Star center had a facial contusion, but did not have a concussion. "I was scared," Saric said of his reaction to Embiid going down. "I hope he'll be good and he'll be ready."
Embiid went through the concussion protocol and it was ruled that he doesn’t have a concussion. However, he went to a hospital for more testing. The Sixers did not give an update after the game. However, Embiid posted a video on his Instagram story feed from his hospital room late last Wednesday. In the video, Embiid’s face appears to be swollen underneath the caption”Not good.”
Sarah Todd: Embiid sat up for a second but but lay back down. He is just now getting off the floor. I'd be shocked if he doesn't enter concussion protocol. #Sixers
The 76ers have taken hits for their lack of transparency. And Thursday morning’s shootaround at Asphalt Green might be a reason for more. Or maybe center Joel Embiid just didn’t tell anyone why his left wrist was taped up. The all-star obviously knows why. However, he did not speak to the media after the shootaround. So coach Brett Brown was asked what’s wrong with Embiid’s wrist. ”I don’t think anything,” Brown said before spotting Embiid as he exited the gym. “I see that it’s taped. I don’t know. I see that it’s taped, but I don’t know that.”
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