Only 12 of Harden’s 41 points came against Curry, who…

Only 12 of Harden’s 41 points came against Curry, who was the primary defender six times when Harden misfired and five times on makes (four of the misses, it should be noted, came in the final 1:39 of play when the Warriors were up big). Curry’s two steals on Harden were key, with one coming midway through the third quarter and the other midway through the fourth. “Those two plays were timely,” Curry remembered. “We were up six on the first one, and those are kind of the make-or-break points where you extend the lead to double digits or (let them back in). And then the fourth quarter, same thing. You’re kind of killing a last minute run, and their momentum. “I was joking with somebody in the locker room, saying if I’m in that situation (getting targeted on defense) for however many possessions it was, I’m going to make some plays. It’s just a matter of not having many breakdowns.”
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May 26, 2018 | 7:26 am EDT Update
According to Dean Blevins of New 9 in Oklahoma City, he was told that George’s agent is telling people within the NBA that his client intends to re-sign with the Thunder this summer. Allegedly, apparently, Paul George plans to stay with the Thunder. I know. It’s not what people believe. But in separate conversations, I’m told P.G.’s agent has told people associated with the NBA that P.G. believes the injury loss of Andre Roberson was huge and he’s staying. Disclaimer, though: Believing everything that agents allegedly say can be dangerous to your health.