Here’s what Greek national team head coach Thanasis S…

Here’s what Greek national team head coach Thanasis Skourtopoulos said on the matter to Greek radio station Sport-FM. “We are in contact with Giannis’ representatives. But now is not the right moment for his return [to the national team]. We look at it for September. There is no problem with Giannis and we’re expecting him in September. He should rest to soothe his leg. It has been a very tiring season for him. He ‘ll get ready and will be healthy and prepared in September. And Giannis wants it [playing for the national team] a lot.”
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October 16, 2018 | 3:39 pm EDT Update
In China, he was unable to communicate, and therefore out of his element. A player from another team taught Whiteside how to greet: “Wǒ shì nǐ bàba”—hi, nice to meet you. He said it to everyone at home, on the road, in the gym. There were never any “you, too’s” in return, only blank stares. Well into the season, Whiteside found out from his team’s general manager that he was actually saying “I’m your daddy.” Whiteside immediately recognized the player in the layup line a year later, after he had left for Lebanon again, then returned back to China. He wishes he had dunked on him. Wǒ shì nǐ bàba.