Joyner isn't alone. Dr. Marcus Elliott, the Harvard-tra…

Joyner isn’t alone. Dr. Marcus Elliott, the Harvard-trained founder and director of P3, has assessed the biomechanics of some of the best athletes in the world at his state-of-the-art lab nestled along the coast of Santa Barbara, California. Players from Andrew Wiggins to Andre Drummond to Dwight Howard to Luka Doncic have come through Elliott’s lab to find out where they score on 3D motion-capture and force-plate technologies. While he has yet to assess James, he knows what he’s seeing. “He’s hit the quadruple lottery when it comes to genetics,” Elliott says from afar. “Not just the physical side. You can’t get to where he is without being head and shoulders above the competition from a mental standpoint. It’s clear he just owns a different system than, say, Michael Jordan.”
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