Logan Murdock: Steve Kerr said he’d love to get young…

Logan Murdock: Steve Kerr said he’d love to get younger on the bench: “We’d love to get Loon and Patrick back.”

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Logan Murdock: Steve Kerr on Kevon Looney’s future: “He’s going to have a long career. Hopefully with us.”
That’s where the complications reside. Under league rules, the Warriors can’t offer Looney more than a starting salary of $2.3 million this offseason. He’s unrestricted. If he keeps playing like this, if he keeps impacting the game on the season’s biggest stage, someone may toss an offer at him he can’t refuse, especially if they’re aware of this fact: at 22, he’s still the youngest player on the Warriors roster. “It could be that you don’t pick up the option, he phones it in, everybody’s upset,” Myers said. “But in these situations, you’d rather be proved wrong, right? Because the way he’s playing right now, he’s helping us win playoff games. I’ll take that any day.”
“There’s not a lot of money on this market. You weigh the options. If it’s one of those situations where you’re going to a bad team for a couple extra dollars, maybe you don’t want to do that. But he’s earned himself the right to weigh his options.” Said Looney: “My agent brings it up sometimes, tells me the free-agent market changes every year. The money’s not always the same. He talks about this summer might be a slow summer money-wise. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the summer, but I’m prepared for everything.”
The Warriors have to evaluate if third-year forward Kevon Looney (unrestricted free agent) ... [is] worth developing at the pace they would like and worth the price to counteract any possible outside interest. “They always tell me if somebody comes and gives me a better offer, you should take it. But this is a team where it’s all about winning,” Looney said. “I’d love to be here and be a part of this. It’s something to think about, for sure.”
Now, with the playoffs less than a week away, Looney has hushed anyone who questioned whether he was an NBA-caliber player. A free agent in July, he figures to have no shortage of suitors. “Things have started falling into place for him,” said assistant coach Ron Adams, the Warriors’ defensive architect. “He didn’t start the season with a great window to play even. So, guys like that, I’m happy for and I have a lot of respect for.”
On Oct 31, the Warriors made the decision not to exercise forward Kevon Looney’s team option for the 2018-19 season, making him a free agent. Looney, however, remains relaxed. “I don’t really think about it,” said Looney after the Warriors 97-80 win over the Miami Heat. “Everything will work itself out. I just try to put it in the back of my mind”
The Warriors decided to pick up the option of second-year center Damian Jones and elected not to do the same for Looney because of what amounted to a numbers game. Looney’s option, which was worth about $2.2 million, would have put the team further into the luxury tax for next season. That meant they had to choose between the two big men, making Looney the odd man out. “I mean I wasn’t shocked,” Looney said of the decision. “I kind of knew going into it what was going to happen. I wasn’t surprised.”
Golden State will clear $2.3M off their books next season by not picking up the 4th year option for Kevon Looney. The former first round pick will be an unrestricted free agent but the Warriors will be restricted on offering him a salary greater than $2.3M, the amount of the declined option.
Chris Haynes: Golden State will not exercise 4th-year option of Kevon Looney, league sources tell ESPN. He’ll become an unrestricted at end of season.
Chris Haynes: Sources: Warriors ecstatic about Looney’s development, but tax ramifications forced their hands. Damian Jones to have 3rd-year picked up.
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