With the Jazz on the rise and the environment strong, F…

With the Jazz on the rise and the environment strong, Favors admitted that the franchise would be tough to leave. He said if Utah offers him a “good situation that fits” perfectly, he would likely re-sign quickly. “I really do enjoy being out there,” Favors said. “I enjoyed all of my teammates. I enjoy the organization, the front office and the coaching staff. I love everything about Utah. It is definitely a business. There might be a situation where I do have to leave. It would be tough. But you have to put yourself in the right situation, because the teams are going to do that for themselves, too. You just have to find the right situation.”
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June 29, 2022 | 3:41 pm EDT Update
June 29, 2022 | 3:29 pm EDT Update

Knicks interested in Dejounte Murray due to defensive concerns with Jalen Brunson, Evan Fournier backcourt

The Knicks are among the teams who have expressed interest in acquiring Dejounte Murray via trade, SNY has learned. Bleacher Report stated that the Atlanta Hawks and San Antonio Spurs had previously had talks around a potential trade for Murray. […] Some with the Knicks have talked about Murray’s fit in the backcourt if they are able to land Brunson. Some members of the organization are concerned about the backcourt of Brunson and Evan Fournier defensively.