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June 29, 2022 | 1:00 pm EDT Update
Like the Mavericks, Brunson may also have entered this offseason believing he would return to Dallas, sources say, and it’s unclear when and why those feelings shifted. If there was one uncomfortable aspect of his past season, in which Brunson otherwise enjoyed breakout success as the Mavericks’ second option, it was the team’s decision to withhold an offer of an extension before the season — and then, once again, during it. It’s unclear whether Brunson would have actually signed the four-year, $55.5 million deal, the most Dallas was eligible to offer him during the year. While Rick Brunson told ESPN in April that his son would have been willing to sign it in January, there was substantial belief around the league that, at that point, Brunson had already played himself into more lucrative territory. In any case, the extension was never formally offered.
Finch on Tuesday seemed to believe working out an extension was not going to be a huge obstacle. “I think it’s all of our hopes, really,” Finch said. “We know he’s happy. We were extremely happy for him, for All-NBA and the ability to have this extension. I know he worked hard for it. I know he’s excited, so I think it’ll be a good moment, special moment for him and for this organization.” President Tim Connelly has spoken about wanting Towns to remain in a Wolves uniform for a long time. “I hope he’s here forever,” Connelly said. “I hope we have the type of team success that would allow us to look up and see Karl’s jersey being hung up in the rafters.”