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November 14, 2018 | 3:15 am EST Update
But if the team encounters a rough patch between now and the trade deadline, they could look to shuffle the decks. Apparently one option they might have on the table, according to Kevin O’Connor while speaking on “The Ringer NBA Show,” could be to send Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to the Philadelphia 76ers, who are canvassing the league for shooters (emphasis mine): ”(The Sixers’) depth is depleted. They need to add shooting, I had in my article on Saturday that they still retain interest in Cavs wing Kyle Korver, I’ve since heard that Kentavious Caldwell-Pope on the Lakers is a guy that they could have eyes for, but even then, Korver is obviously one of the greatest shooters ever, KCP is an inconsistent shooter. I’m not sure how much he would solve their issues, but the point is that they need to find shooting.”
Storyline: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Trade?
There’s a growing trend of players steering themselves to other teams ahead of free agency, à la Butler, George and Leonard, a movement some have called “Pre-Agency.” “It just doesn’t feel right,” said George Karl, who coached Denver eight years ago when Carmelo Anthony forced his way off that team to the New York Knicks. “I’m not sure Jimmy Butler’s happy with what he’s feeling right now. I’m not sure Kawhi Leonard feels good about what happened. I’m not sure Melo enjoyed what he did.”
The Rockets are reportedly preparing to move on from the 34-year-old forward after just 10 games. McGrady, a seven-time All-Star who is currently an NBA analyst for ESPN, discussed Anthony’s situation Tuesday on “The Jump.” “I honestly think Melo should retire, I really do,’’ McGrady said. “I don’t want him to go through another situation like this, and people are just pouring negativity on this man’s legacy. “I really think, because it hasn’t worked out the last two teams, just go ahead and — you have a Hall of Fame career — just go ahead and let it go.’’
Storyline: Carmelo Anthony Free Agency
Kevin Durant never found his typical offensive flow and found it a little strange playing without fiery Draymond Green, even if they have yet to make up from all that went down a night earlier in Los Angeles. Durant isn’t sharing any details. “I’m going to keep that in house, that’s what we do here,” Durant said. “I’m not trying to give nobody no headlines. What happened, happened. We’re trying to move on, we’re just trying to play basketball.”
Quinn Cook dished out six of Golden State’s 28 assists playing in Curry’s spot. “I think we’re all professional. We all love each other. We’re with each other every day for nine months. Brothers are going to fight and brothers are going to get into it,” Cook said. “I think the biggest thing, we know the common goal, we know what’s at stake. These guys have been great for a while. I think we’re all going to get past this and come together. It’s going to make us stronger.” Does Durant agree? “Who knows, we’ll see,” he said.