Nick DePaula on Giannis Antetokounmpo having a very uni…

Nick DePaula on Giannis Antetokounmpo having a very unique shoe: “I think they’re going to put it at a nice price point too, under that $120 range. I think it’ll be pretty value-driven, which will help get some eyeballs on it as well, just like Paul George’s shoe was successful out the gate for that same reason.”
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February 23, 2019 | 5:13 pm EST Update
Justin, the oldest, went to Washington and worked his way through Europe and NBA summer-league rosters before finding a spot with the Golden State Warriors and winning an NBA title. Jrue played at UCLA before being drafted in the first round by the Philadelphia 76ers. Lauren ended up playing at UCLA. And Aaron, six years younger than Jrue, also starred at UCLA before being a first-round pick by Indiana last summer. “It’s cool,” Jrue said. “I guess, in reality, when I think about it, I’ll be sharing it with them for a while. To be able to play against them on the highest stage, it’s pretty cool. I can probably say something that 99% of the people [in the NBA] can’t say.”
Now that they’ve achieved the first part of their dream — making it to the NBA — all three Holidays have their eyes set on a second dream. The hope, they all said, is to figure out a way to all play on the same team, something that could only happen in the NBA because of how much younger Aaron is. Justin said he and Jrue tried to make it work two summers ago when Jrue signed a five-year, $125-million deal to stay in New Orleans. Justin, though, ended up signing in Chicago.
It’s what Shawn and Toya Holiday are used to — seeing their boys play basketball. Just now, they’re watching them in NBA arenas rather than their driveway in Chatsworth. “It’s a blessing,” Shawn Holiday said. “A lot of people dream and have dreams to do certain things, and a lot of times, they don’t come true. So, to see their dreams come true, all three in the league, and playing against each other — we pray one day they’re all on the same team. That’d be great. It’s just unbelievable. Totally an awesome feeling. It’s not something you can describe. It’s just something you have to experience. It’s really unbelievable.””
February 23, 2019 | 4:17 pm EST Update