Creating significant space next summer would take movin…

Creating significant space next summer would take moving mountains, either trading at least two — likely three — significant contracts or hoping that Goran Dragic opts out of a $19.2 million payment for 2019-20 or Whiteside opts out of $27.1 million for that season. Dragic could opt out if he has a big season, though there’s a good chance he plays out this contract. It seems unlikely Whiteside opts out, unless he has an All-Star caliber season. Even if the Heat makes Whiteside miserable by further diminishing his playing time, it would seem improbable he walks away from that big a paycheck, according to a source.
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September 22, 2018 | 3:29 am EDT Update
Irving said he’s aware that he’s been linked to Jimmy Butler in persistent free-agent rumors regarding a mutual desire to play together in New York, but he said he’s had no such discussions with Butler. In fact, he said, the last time he talked to Butler at length was when they were both playing with USA Basketball, and the two engaged in a spitballing session along with Durant and Cousins about what the future held for each of them. “And that,” Irving laughed, “was in 2016.”
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Do you have any read on where DeMarcus is health-wise right now? I know he won’t be ready for the start of camp next week, but how much do you think he’ll be able to do, how much will be around the practice portions? Steve Kerr: Well, he’s been around the last few weeks. He rehabbed in Las Vegas over the summer, but he’s been here (in the Bay Area) the last few weeks, settling into his new home and new life. He’s on the court every day working. He’s so skilled. He’s got such great hands, shoots the ball so well, fantastic passer. He’s been working on all that stuff. So he’ll do as much as he can during camp and that will be decided by our training staff, headed by Rick Celebrini and Drew Yoder. We’ll confer with them every day.
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The Nets are hooked on Power, a crime drama on Starz that just wrapped up its fifth season on Sept. 9. Throughout the summer, the show became appointment viewing, according to Dinwiddie and his teammate Allen Crabbe. For them, it’s as much a communal experience as it is an offseason stand-in for hoops drama. Many of the young Nets connect over social media with other fans—#TeamPower—and even trade barbs at times. It seems like many throughout the league do the same. Out west, CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard tune in from Portland, and there are Clippers, Nuggets and even veterans, too. Coast to coast, NBA players are all-in.