League sources told cleveland.com that 3-point shooter …

League sources told cleveland.com that 3-point shooter Luke Babbitt and bruiser Trevor Booker are among the free agents the Cavs are speaking to, though those sources said no deal with either player was imminent.

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The Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club has signed Luke Babbitt, it was announced today by General Manager and Head of Basketball Operations Travis Schlenk.
“Luke is a proven veteran and adds another experienced player to our locker room,” Schlenk said. “He is one of the premier long-range shooting big men in the league, has played a variety of roles over his career and will contribute to our team.”
The Hawks’ newly acquired forward admired from afar at a system that was ideally suited for his outside shooting game. Babbitt signed a one-year contract Wednesday to join a team he watched the past several years and believed he could thrive in the ball-movement scheme. “Providing spacing for attackers on offense is important in today’s game,” Babbitt said after inking a veteran minimum deal worth $1.9 million. “With young guys, guys like Dennis (Schroder), (Kent) Bazemore and (John) Collins, guys who are attacking the basket, you need shooters to give them space.”
After an offseason of major roster changes and losses, the Hawks were predicted to finish with the league’s worst record by ESPN and have the lowest power ranking by NBA.com. “I don’t really give too much credence to that,” Babbitt said. “I think that stuff changes all the time. I just think it’s important that we compete and get better as a young team. There are going to be ups and downs, as with any young team. You have to compete because the team that plays hard every night will win a lot of games just playing hard. That is most important for us. The East is open. I don’t think it’s too far-fetched that we want to compete with anybody in the East.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Free agent forward Luke Babbitt has agreed to a one-year deal with the Atlanta Hawks, league source tells ESPN.
Barry Jackson: .... Heat has expressed interest in Babbitt, who has had other inquiries. So can add three, including two two-way players in this scenario
The Heat has expressed interest in re-signing Luke Babbitt, according to a source. Because he has Bird Rights, his cap hit will be just $1.4 million regardless of his salary.
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