How did you get hooked on golf? Andre IguodalaI: Kevin …

How did you get hooked on golf? Andre IguodalaI: Kevin Gamble was one of the first NBA players from my city. He played for the Celtics in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He had a golf camp for kids back home in Springfield, Illinois. At the camp, you got free clubs. I played one or two times, but I grew too fast and couldn’t use those clubs because I was too tall. I was introduced at a young age, but I didn’t play at all because it was hard to get access to courses. Then, obviously, seeing Tiger [Woods] on TV and on magazine covers. You see him as an African-American excelling in a sport that they wouldn’t normally be as involved in. I followed him for a long time, kept watching him. I was dabbling, just watching him on Sundays. Once I got to college at Arizona, we had a few alumni events and we had to swing the club. That was fun, but I still didn’t jump all the way in.
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October 16, 2018 | 8:46 am EDT Update
Tim Bontemps: If today was July 1, I think Durant would leave. I think it’s most likely he signs with the Knicks, and if not the Knicks I could see he and Kawhi Leonard teaming up with the Clippers. I would be surprised if he was with anyone but the Knicks, Clippers or Warriors next season, though. And I also won’t be surprised if he changes his mind plenty of times between now and when he makes that decision.
There are whispers around the league that neither Jimmy Butler nor Kawhi Leonard wants to play with LeBron, and sources I’ve talked to would be shocked if Klay Thompson left Golden State. That might leave the Lakers with Walker or Middleton as their top remaining free-agent targets. If I’m the Hornets, that possibility would have me worried.
As for Green? That is less certain. He believes it is hard to quantify his value both in a box score and on a spreadsheet. Generally, though, Green wants to stay with the Warriors. Incidentally, he exited a loading dock just as Lacob was talking to this publication. Lacob then said, “I love Draymond!” Green smiled and said, “I love Joe!” They then exchanged pleasantries.