Although war divided Yugoslavia into six countries—Bo…

Although war divided Yugoslavia into six countries—Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia—the conflicts didn’t stanch the region’s love for the game. On the contrary, Musa, whose father served in the Bosnian military, believes the region’s war-torn history is largely responsible for the current generation of NBA-level talent. “Yugoslavian people have self-discipline that no other countries have because we are kids of the war,” Musa told The Crossover. “I wasn’t born during the war, but I felt it because my dad was in the military. He had 2,000 soldiers that he was responsible for. When you see people die all the time, it’s natural to fight for everything and to be emotional about everything. We have a ‘little something’ that no one can describe because the horrible, terrible war made us stronger.”
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