While treating 45 children to free haircuts, school sup…

While treating 45 children to free haircuts, school supplies, food, water and Gatorade on Thursday afternoon, Jarrett Allen briefly dealt with the basketball portion of his summer. In English: The Nets center, still only 20-years-old, is shooting from downtown … a lot. Allen, who will drilled 5-of-15 (33%) three-point attempts as a rookie last season, says he’s worked extensively on improving that element of his game.
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July 18, 2019 | 11:45 am EDT Update
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You were able to bring back Khris Middleton on a five-year deal. What was the process like? And what does he mean to the team? Jon Horst: Khris was always a focus. You and I have talked about that a lot. He’s our second superstar, our second star. He’s an All-Star. He’s been one of our best players for a long period of time here. Fits our culture, fits our style of play, fits our aging curve. He’s become a leader of our team. For us, we want to try to recruit with him and play the culture fit, winning. Create an environment he wanted to play in for a long, long time. A place where his family is happy with Sam and the baby and everything.