“Before practice we would stretch, and I would talk s…

“Before practice we would stretch, and I would talk some smack to him,” Mahorn said. “Grant would always clown me about playing at ‘Hamster Institute’ and stuff like that, and I said, ‘But I’ll bust your Duke Blue Devil ass every day.’ Then, one day, Charles O’Bannon said, ‘I want some of that,’ and Grant’s eyes got really big. He said, ‘You want some of this?’ Let’s just say that I felt bad for Charles. “Hill was kind of like the first Steph Curry, in the sense that he was a guy who had a lot of opportunities but never complained and competed at a high level. A guy will say, ‘Man, you don’t know how hard it is to get here.’ He knew. He knew how hard it was to be the best and be in that limelight. I love that dude. He’s still soft, but I love that dude.”
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