Rick Bonnell: Boris Diaw retired from basketball today.…

Rick Bonnell: Boris Diaw retired from basketball today. Nazr Mohammed told my favorite Boris-in-Charlotte story, related to his being a confirmed bachelor who enjoyed his lack of roots. Nazr was describing why NBA players get so stressed by the trade deadline: Uprooting kids from schools and families moving out of dream houses. Then he mentioned that didn’t apply to Boris, because his roots in Charlotte were a Segway and a suitcase.
Storyline: Boris Diaw Retirement
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September 20, 2018 | 8:56 am EDT Update
Los Angeles has always been Butler’s top choice if he was to leave or be traded by Minnesota, according to league sources. But the Clippers should ask the same question as the New York teams: What’s the rush? They could also just wait for next summer without compromising their future. It would seem like a philosophical about-face, after trading another oft-injured star in Blake Griffin, to trade young pieces for Butler. Only a bargain makes sense.