Rick Bonnell: Boris Diaw retired from basketball today.…

Rick Bonnell: Boris Diaw retired from basketball today. Nazr Mohammed told my favorite Boris-in-Charlotte story, related to his being a confirmed bachelor who enjoyed his lack of roots. Nazr was describing why NBA players get so stressed by the trade deadline: Uprooting kids from schools and families moving out of dream houses. Then he mentioned that didn’t apply to Boris, because his roots in Charlotte were a Segway and a suitcase.
Storyline: Boris Diaw Retirement
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November 22, 2018 | 2:50 am EST Update
The day — which began with James visiting students at his I Promise School in Akron — couldn’t have been any better for him. “To come here tonight and go out and hear the fans’ reception — 11 years playing here,” James said. “I just tried to be the best basketball player, the best role model, the best leader I can be both on and off the floor by example for this franchise. They showed their appreciation not only for myself, but for my friends and family at the game tonight. It was a great moment.”
The recognition from fans and the team was a moment he deserved. “I appreciate these fans just as much as they appreciate me. Every single night we stepped out on the floor, they showed their appreciation to not only myself but my teammates for those 11 years, especially those last four years, those championship runs we were making. That was my salute to them for them appreciating what I was able to accomplish with my coaches and teammates.”