Rick Bonnell: Boris Diaw retired from basketball today.…

Rick Bonnell: Boris Diaw retired from basketball today. Nazr Mohammed told my favorite Boris-in-Charlotte story, related to his being a confirmed bachelor who enjoyed his lack of roots. Nazr was describing why NBA players get so stressed by the trade deadline: Uprooting kids from schools and families moving out of dream houses. Then he mentioned that didn’t apply to Boris, because his roots in Charlotte were a Segway and a suitcase.
Storyline: Boris Diaw Retirement
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You were able to bring back Khris Middleton on a five-year deal. What was the process like? And what does he mean to the team? Jon Horst: Khris was always a focus. You and I have talked about that a lot. He’s our second superstar, our second star. He’s an All-Star. He’s been one of our best players for a long period of time here. Fits our culture, fits our style of play, fits our aging curve. He’s become a leader of our team. For us, we want to try to recruit with him and play the culture fit, winning. Create an environment he wanted to play in for a long, long time. A place where his family is happy with Sam and the baby and everything.