As NBA players weigh their options, the market of the t…

As NBA players weigh their options, the market of the team plays a very pivotal role. In LeBron’s case, signing with the Lakers opens the doors to endless off-the-court opportunities including Hollywood acting and producing roles, additional endorsement deals and a massive fan base. Financially speaking, teams in Texas and Florida have an advantage because there is no state income tax. From an NBA executive’s perspective, it is quite terrifying that teenagers are signing $100 million deals plus massive endorsement deals without playing in a single NBA game yet. A former GM animatedly states, “If you’ve never won, how am I supposed to know that you’re ever going to covet winning? When a high-profile rookie joins a bad team, they are given a nice salary and shoe deal from day one and they’re handed a starting role. They never have to earn anything”. Although an NBA team cannot guarantee if a rookie will win championships, there can be injury provisions negotiated if a top prospect has a history of injuries. For example, the Philadelphia 76ers and Joel Embiid agreed to a five-year, $148 million deal. However, due to Embiid’s history of foot and back injuries, an injury provision was negotiated. This gave Philly the option of waiving or saving money if Embiid reinjured himself and missed at least 25 games or played less than 1,650 minutes in a season.
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