Vincent Goodwill is leaving NBC Sports Chicago for Yaho…

Vincent Goodwill is leaving NBC Sports Chicago for Yahoo Sports, The Big Lead has learned from a person with knowledge of the news.

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Goodwill has covered the Bulls for the NBC regional network since 2015, and before that he was on the Pistons beat for the Detroit News. At Yahoo, he will be covering the NBA from a national perspective, and be based in New York. He is a multi-platform talent, with the ability to write and do audio and video.
Jeffrey Goldberg: I'm very pleased to announce that the great @jemelehill is joining @TheAtlantic as a staff writer. She'll be covering the intersection of sports, race, politics, gender, and culture for us. Welcome, Jemele.
Dan Devine: Nine years after my first freelance post, and 6.5 years after going full-time, today's my last day at @YahooSportsNBA. I'm excited to announce that on Oct. 10, I join @ringer as a staff writer on the NBA. That's the news. There's a lot more, though:
Sam Amick: Anyone​ who has​ started​ a new job​ knows that the​ well wishes​ are​ one of the highlights. Congrats!​ Best of luck!​​ You’ll kill it! But on the night of September 6th, as I was making the transition from USA TODAY Sports to The Athletic and word was starting to spread throughout our industry, there was one text message that stood out among the rest. “Word on the street (is) you headed to The Athletic… my sources have alerted me,” it read.
After cheekily acknowledging Turner’s tweet, NBC Sports Boston confirmed Monday afternoon that Forsberg was joining the network to continue to report on the Celtics. Coming on the verge of Celtics media day and as The Athletic announced a major expansion of their NBA reporting team, Forsberg’s move to NBC Sports Boston was in itself somewhat of a surprise.
But there was also this, a rambling and angry internal email editor Chris Quinn sent to his employees on Saturday, Sept.15, on the topic of The Athletic, which seems like one of those emails you should leave in the drafts folder for a day or two and then delete after you've cooled down. Enjoy [sic]: I want to say a word about The Athletic, which suddenly seems frantic to raid our staff because of its inability to groom talented sportswriters on its own. Most of you know Joe Vardon is headed there, and they do not appear to be finished in their recruiting efforts. This has the feeling of desperation to me. As I’ve mentioned since this thing started, it’s financial model is not sound. In the print days, the Daily tried it. In the digital era, Patch tried it. Each time someone tries it, an investor kicks in a huge amount of money to get the thing launched but because the financial model is so unsound, it always fails. If you could sustain an experienced staff on digital subscription revenue alone, we’d have gone that way a long time ago. To produce the kind of content we produce takes more than digital subscribers.
As the Athletic makes this sprint to hire away the best sportswriters in the land, I worry about how lives will be affected. Their recruiting effort is rushed. You get a couple of days to decide and then the offer is gone. The pressure is intense. Think about that. What responsible employer does that? When we recruit, we give people all the time they need to work out the details and consider how a job change might affect their lives and their families. Our intention is to build a lasting relationship, and you don’t do that with a breathless offer that forces people into a corner. Doing what the Athletic does is desperate and uncaring.
Malika Andrews is nearing a deal to leave the Chicago Tribune for ESPN, The Big Lead has learned from a person with knowledge of the news. The plan is for her to cover the midwestern NBA beat, rotating between teams including the Bulls, Bucks, and Timberwolves.
Nick Friedell, who covered this beat last season, is getting promoted to the Warriors beat. Neither of their contracts are finalized but all indications are they’re heading in that direction, per the source.
Tony Jones: With The Athletic, my day-to-day duties won’t be dissimilar to my previous responsibilities with The Salt Lake Tribune. I will cover the Utah Jazz and the NBA like a blanket. I will take you inside a team at an exciting time, a time where the Jazz are expected to be one of the best teams in the Western Conference. A time where the Jazz boast the likes of star guard Donovan Mitchell, and star center Rudy Gobert, who is the NBA’s reigning Defensive Player of the Year.
Jabari Young: For me, it came down to getting past fear of failure and fear of success. I did thanks to family, friends and colleagues. And here is why I’m joining @TheAthletic as the new #Spurs beat writer for the new @TheAthleticNBA team 💯🙏🏿
Jason Quick: But to be honest, I nearly walked away from the profession this summer. Much has changed over the years. The media landscape today is a tricky one. I’ve had to deal with the click-bait mentality of one organization, and the pom-pom waving of another. And it seems like some are more interested in being friends with players than telling the real story. But just as I was entertaining thoughts of opening a bar, or applying at the postal service, The Athletic presented this opportunity. Frankly, it’s a writer’s dream: find the best stories and execute.
Jason Jones: Getting to the root of how the Kings plan to change that and if they have the players to make that happen is what matters. That’s what I’ll devote my time to unearthing with The Athletic. That’s not to say the games do not matter. They obviously do. But what I will not give you are recaps of what you’ve seen or click-bait stories that only reveal minimal details.
Brett Dawson: Westbrook, as it turned out, was open and introspective that day in Phoenix. He talked about the narrative that teammates don’t enjoy playing with him, disputing it and wondering rhetorically why it’s a subject broached so often with him and so rarely with other stars. His initial warning was classic Westbrook. But the interview — and the story that sprang from it — was emblematic of the kind of work I most enjoy, the kind I’m hoping to do more of now that I’m covering the Thunder for The Athletic.
Barry Jackson: One other Heat broadcast thing: Am told Rex Chapman and Keyon Dooling were other Heat TV studio analyst finalists. So Ruth Riley a surprising outside-the-box choice. Rothstein returning too,fyi.
Ira Winderman: The Heat have hired Ruth Riley Hunter, the former Miami Sol WNBA player, as their radio analyst and television studio analyst. She replaces John Crotty, who takes over as television analyst for Tony Fiorentino.
How did you make the decision to leave Turner and join The Athletic? David Aldridge: We’ve been talking for a few weeks more formally. At the same time, I was very seriously contemplating going back to Turner. I love that place. . . . They made an incredibly fair offer. It was a very tough decision, but it was an opportunity to be in on the ground floor of something here, to have some real say in coverage and personnel, to be home more. And the fact that the D.C. sports community has really matured over the last 10 years, I think all those things came together at the same time and made it worth taking the leap of faith that this thing can work and be successful.
Last week, Andrew Marchand of the Post reported that several TV outlets were interested in hiring Richard Jefferson as a game analysts, listing YES, ESPN and the Clippers as the top three. Now, league sources tell NetsDaily that unless RJ gets an offer to play another year, he will be joining the YES Network, doing both game analysis and studio work on broadcasts of Nets games, The move to the broadcast booth comes a decade after he was traded to the Bucks for Yi Jianlian. Jefferson, 38, has since played with the Spurs, Warriors, Jazz, Mavericks, Cavaliers and Nuggets, winning an NBA championship with Cleveland two years ago. He joined the Cavs broadcast teams in the playoffs last season, his first broadcasting gig.
Jabari Young: Damn... lol... 😂 ... the brother beat me to my own news ... I respect it ✊🏿💯
Mike Richman: I'm joining the @NBCSNorthwest to cover the Trail Blazers this season. Excited to get started, and get back to writing about basketball. In the immortal words of Mike Tyson, Let's Grill 'Em!
David Aldridge: After 30 years on planes…I’m coming home. I’ll be joining The Athletic D.C. as Editor in Chief.
David Aldridge: So why make the move now? First, and foremost, I’ve been missing too much of my family’s collective life. My wife and I have two sons, who are growing up way too fast. And I don’t want to keep missing plays and concerts and baseball games. I’ll still miss some of them, but not as many. I’ll hopefully be able to take my wife out more than once or twice a month. There will be a lot of long days and nights, and a lot of games to attend in town, but when the games are over, I’ll go home, not to a hotel. Second, I’m a man in love with words. Even though I’ve primarily been a television reporter for the last two decades, I still often refer to myself as a writer who appears on TV. My voice comes from my writing. Believe me: I understand the power of television. It produces emotional, visceral reactions.
Shams Charania: My first real passions in life were basketball and writing, and I hoped to combine that with my love for the NBA and the ins and outs of the league. I loved the NBA and playing basketball, so I had to find my route to stay around the game. Writing about it was that route. I grew up roaming the websites of RealGM and HoopsHype for the latest rumors. Whether it was driving to Milwaukee or nearby Indianapolis in high school, I always wanted to challenge myself and find interesting topics to write about. It was more than just the news items that interested me. It was the behind-the-scenes stories, the rise and fall of players, the teams and people in the league that fascinated me and pushed me to pursue the career. The subjects around the NBA are intriguing and I am proud of the relationships I have formed over the years in this field because it showed me the respect and openness of many of them.
Dan Woike: Some personal news. I’m moving off the #Chargers beat to become the national NBA writer at the @latimes. It’s an incredible opportunity and I’m excited to work with @taniaganguli, @BA_Turner and @AndrewGreif.
Glen Crevier: Happy to announce @ChristopherHine as the Star Tribune’s new Timberwolves beat writer. Chris has covered the Sports analytics beat since joining @StribSports in January.
There is an opening in the Fox Sports broadcast booth right now next to Ralph Lawler, and a lot of people on Twitter and Reddit have mentioned your name. Are you throwing your name in the hat? Does the position interest you? Corey Maggette: *Laughs* Honestly, that’s up to Fox and up to the Clippers. I’m humbled by them and fans even trying to consider me for that position. I think for me, in my step in my life and career, it would be a great position. I just got to make sure it kind of fits with the family dynamic. For me, I think it’s more about my kids. Being able to see them more. When those opportunities come up, sometimes you miss out on those other opportunities with your family. Who knows? Who knows what will happen. It could be a great job and to work with a legend like Ralph Lawler would be amazing. We’ll see happens this upcoming year.
Andrew Marchand: Heard ESPN's Ryan Hollins is a candidate for the LA Clippers' TV analyst job. The Clippers let go former ESPNer Bruce Bowen reportedly because he made comments that could potentially hurt their pursuit of Kawhi Leonard next year.
That’s what I’m hoping to bring to The Athletic in my new role as Pelicans beat reporter, and I intend on providing quality content that Pelicans fans can enjoy and learn from. I’m thrilled to be joining Larry Holder, my former co-worker at, at The Athletic and we’ll be working everyday to make this the No. 1 destination for any sports fan in New Orleans to read about their favorite teams.
Scott Agness: I’m​ excited to​ join​ the talented​ group of writers​ at The​ Athletic​ where they put it​ best: “Fall in​​ love with the sports page again.” Over the last year, I found myself visiting here more and more often. When your attention and money is valued over company metrics, everyone wins. As anyone who follows me knows, I’m all about a good deal. And here at The Athletic, I believe you easily get more than you pay for. During a time when national publications are cutting back and sports departments are trimming down, The Athletic is pushing ahead and giving readers value for their subscription.
Potential suitors lined up like NBA teams courting a franchise player. Charania spoke with ESPN, Turner Sports, Facebook, and NBC Sports, in addition to Yahoo, but the competition wasn’t particularly close. Early on, his heart was set on a joint agreement with The Athletic, a subscription-based sportswriting platform, and Stadium, which hails itself as the cord-cutter’s sports network. Two forward-thinking media companies that really wanted him, an opportunity to develop his writing and on-camera abilities—it struck him as a perfect fit, so he didn’t seriously consider other offers.
You’re only 24—how did someone so young become an NBA news breaking machine? Shams Charania: I realized that I needed to fulfill my passion for the NBA in ways other than playing, and I always loved writing and the behind-the-scenes aspect of the league, so I combined both. I began writing for my high school newspaper as a junior and started a Bulls blog on ChicagoNow, a subsidiary of the Chicago Tribune, where I would write several stories/recaps/analysis articles per day. I began reporting on 10-day deals, too. After some reps under my belt as my senior year began, I reached out to and was fortunate to forge a relationship with them. I started covering games during my senior year, driving up to Milwaukee for Bucks games, which was an important experience. My first Las Vegas Summer League, in 2013, was also a critical moment, allowing me to put faces to names and meet new people. It’s always been about continuing to push and looking long-term with every relationship—and trying to take something from those whom I admire to paint my own picture. There also are a lot of high-character and open-minded people in the industry who gave me a chance.
Shams Charania: I am excited to announce I am joining The Athletic and Stadium as the lead Senior NBA Insider/Writer and Analyst later this month. I am so grateful and honored to have spent the past three years at Yahoo. I’m appreciative to have been part of The Vertical and the tremendous staff, top to bottom. Thank you to all of the Yahoo Sports executives, editors Johnny Ludden and Joe Garza and the rest of the group. Now, I am so pumped and thrilled for this next journey and challenge. I’m excited to join the talented people at both The Athletic and Stadium, two places with tremendous enthusiasm, opportunity for growth and determination to cover the league. Both are hungry and ready. So am I.
Moke Hamilton: I am happy to announce that, on August 15, I’ll be joining @TheAthletic. I’ll be working closely alongside @MikeVorkunov and @MikeAScotto on the Knicks and Nets for @TheAthleticNYC, and will also be providing NBA cap and sports business content. #FB
The Action Network announced today that it has signed Rob Perez, aka @World_Wide_Wob, to a multi-year deal as a Senior NBA Producer. In addition to the massively popular videos Perez regularly creates, he will also be writing, podcasting, contributing content to The Action Network social platforms and developing new programming. “I’m excited to be joining The Action Network team and am thoroughly impressed with what they’ve put together in such a short amount of time,” Perez said. “They get it. I don’t even know how to define what ‘it’ is, but you know when someone has it. Parlay this with their belief in my crazy vision, and I have no doubt we’ll be doing something game-changing soon.”
Jason Jones: A little news ... starting in September I’ll be changing employers and covering the Kings and NBA for @TheAthletic ... looking forward to the next episode, engaging more with readers and fans and telling some great stories.
Molly Sullivan: As I navigate through what’s next, I’m proud to share that I’m joining the @Eagles as a reporter/host for Training Camp. Your support the last 6 weeks has been a powerful, unforgettable feeling. I’ve always been loyal (to a fault) & won’t let you down. Much more to come. Go Birds
Chris Sheridan: ANNOUNCEMENT: I have officially joined  as the Senior Sports Gambling Writer. ... Wagering is legal now in the United States with PASPA overturned by SCOTUS. ... If you are going to gamble, do it wisely. GA has enough people in their rooms already.
Charania, just 24, will be deciding on a new home soon. Just a year out of college, Charania has made a name for himself by challenging Wojnarowski, now at ESPN, on the NBA transaction beat. Charania will be bringing his more than 360,000 Twitter followers to a new destination soon. He has had talks with ESPN, though the network has a large stable of NBA insiders, including Ramona Shelburne, Chris Haynes and Dave McMenamin, among others, so a fit seems unlikely. NBC Sports Regional Networks and The Athletic are two known places with interest. Yahoo, according to one source, is looking to replace Charania, so, memo to NBA insiders: Send your résumés.
Yahoo Sports had the top two NBA news-breakers in the business, but soon it will have neither. Shams Charania will not return to the sports site, following his mentor and friendly rival, Adrian Wojnarowski, out the door. Charania is now an unrestricted free agent. Like in most negotiations that end in disagreement, the two sides couldn’t agree on the financials.
“We made the decision to walk away from negotiations,” Yahoo Sports GM Geoff Reiss said as part of a statement to The Post, which praised Charania’s impact over his three years at the website. Shams Charania’s agent, Maury Gostfrand, declined to comment.
Shams Charania has had talks with ESPN, though the network has a large stable of NBA insiders, including Ramona Shelburne, Chris Haynes and Dave McMenamin, among others, so a fit seems unlikely. NBC Sports Regional Networks and The Athletic are two known places with interest. Yahoo, according to one source, is looking to replace Charania, so, memo to NBA insiders: Send your résumés.
Kyle Goon: At the end of the month, I will begin a new adventure out west: Next season, I will be covering the Los Angeles Lakers for the Southern California News Group, including the Orange County Register and LA Daily News, taking over for my friend @billoram.
The biggest NBA free agent remaining is not a player. It is NBA insider phenom Shams Charania. Charania’s contract is up next month with Yahoo Sports, sources have told The Post.
So if Yahoo doesn’t retain Charania, where could he wind up? ESPN could basically end the NBA scoop game by reuniting Wojnarowski and Charania in Bristol. [...] Turner/NBA TV/Bleacher Report could try to make a bigger impact in terms of competing with ESPN. Charania worked on Turner’s team-centric Final Four telecast that included his alma mater, Loyola. The Athletic, the two-plus-year-old subscription site that has raised $20 million, could try to build an NBA vertical around Charania the way it has with Ken Rosenthal on baseball.
Another option, according to sources, is NBC Sports Regional Networks. NBC owns the rights to about a third of NBA local broadcasts, including the Celtics and Bulls. It is looking for a national insider to appear on its pre- and postgame local shows across the country. Besides Charania, NBC has shown interest in Yahoo’s Chris Mannix for the job. Mannix already does work for NBC.
Bill Oram: Some career news: After five years with the Orange County Register, I am joining @TheAthleticLA to keep covering the @Lakers. Please join us. Subscribe here for 30 percent off and a free t-shirt.
Jeff Goodman is leaving ESPN and joining the upstart Stadium, The Big Lead has learned from a person with direct knowledge of the news. Unauthorized to speak publicly on the matter, the person requested anonymity. Goodman and an ESPN spokesperson declined to comment. Goodman has signed a multi-year deal with Stadium, which started as a streaming platform and is making a big financial commitment toward an editorial push. Former ESPN college football reporter Brett McMurphy will also be joining Stadium, as Richard Deitsch reported in late April.
Former ESPN President John Skipper will serve as executive chairman of Perform Group, the United Kingdom-based sports media company announced this morning. Skipper will “oversee all of Perform Group’s operations and strategy” from New York, according to the press release.
Malika Andrews: After a fantastic year at the NYT, I’m joining the @chicagotribune to cover the Bulls and NBA alongside @KCJHoop May 14th. To my incredibly talented @nytimes colleagues: Thank you. I cherish everything I have learned and am proud of the stories I was entrusted with telling.
Bleacher Report: Welcome to the squad ⚽️ @SteveNash is joining @brfootball to cover soccer.
FloSports the innovator in live digital sports and original content, today announced the hiring of David Thorpe as NBA editor-at-large on The hiring of Thorpe, renowned analyst who is widely credited as the first person in America to be a full-time player development specialist, adds to FloHoops’ comprehensive live and on-demand basketball coverage across high school and college.
Marking FloSports’ entry into the NBA, Thorpe will lead the development of in-depth written content, which challenges the way fans see the sport. He will provide premium NBA content for the remainder of the 2018 season and postseason. Thorpe joins FloHoops with 30 years of experience in basketball as an esteemed and widely recognized NBA analyst and published author. Starting his career as an inner-city high school coach in the late 1980s, Thorpe progressed to training more than 75 NBA players, including All-Stars, lottery picks, and record setters, as well as more than 100 professional players in Europe.
Lindsay Whalen will be a part of eight Timberwolves broadcasts on Fox Sports North this season. The Lynx All-Star Guard will join as an analyst for games on Dec. 12, Jan. 1, Jan. 14, Feb. 7, Feb. 23, March 2 and April 5.
Jon Krawczynski: I have joined The Athletic after 16 tremendous years at The Associated Press. This introductory piece is not going to be about me, but about you. Namely, what kind of coverage you can expect now that I have joined the incomparable Michael Russo on the staff here in Minnesota. I am the Senior Writer focusing primarily on the Timberwolves/NBA and Vikings. Those familiar with my work understand how passionate I am about covering the NBA in general and the Timberwolves in particular, and that will only increase as I move to my new home here at The Athletic. One of the things I am most looking forward to is teaming with Britt Robson to provide top-shelf coverage of a team that seems poised for a breakthrough season.
The Warriors announced with NBC Sports Bay Area that Kerith Burke has been hired as the sideline reporter for the team’s regional telecasts. Burke replaces Rosalyn Gold-Onwude, who joined Turner Sports for TNT’s national telecasts.
After failed turnaround efforts and a lengthy sales process, Yahoo announced it had sold to Verizon in July 2016 (the deal didn’t close until this past summer). With three years left on his deal, it’s believed that Wojnarowski had a clause in his contract that afforded him the opportunity to exit his deal if Yahoo’s ownership situation were to change. With the continued uncertainty about Yahoo’s direction going forward and the less than perfect launch of The Vertical, Wojnarowski opted to explore an exit from Yahoo and targeted ESPN as the only landing spot worth engaging with.
Turner had held a preliminary meeting with Woj back in 2014, but their online property Bleacher Report was not perceived as a good fit. Thus, Woj’s camp believed ESPN was the sole destination worth engaging with during the contractual opening he had to explore a possible exit from Yahoo.
Uniformly, everyone I spoke to with knowledge of the courtship between ESPN and Woj denied any requests regarding NBA staffing, nor was Woj informed about ESPN’s NBA staffing plans. A source close the situation firmly stated “It’s simply not true” in regards to the conjecture that Woj was directly involved in any layoffs on the NBA side. ESPN PR declined to comment which is somewhat consistent on the matter as they’ve generally refrained from commenting on anything specific pertaining to the layoff round.
Five months after being laid off as part of ESPN’s infamous April purge, Marc Stein is close to joining the New York Times, a source close to Stein told Awful Announcing.
Luke Winn: Some news I’m excited about: After 15 years at @SINow, I’ve left to join the Toronto Raptors’ front office as Director of Prospect Strategy.
Anthony Slater: Employment news: Excited to join @TheAthleticSF venture to cover all things Warriors. You can subscribe here …
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