“I think these guys are really embracing the fact tha…

“I think these guys are really embracing the fact that they don’t have to save the world, they don’t have to be superman or what you want me to be. They are literally going and talking about that now,” says Davis. For Davis, the program—or process as he calls it—is more of a mission than a job. Currently, he’s running Off the Court with an assistant and consultant in tow, but he’s working on hiring more former players to fill out the staff.
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March 22, 2019 | 4:37 am EDT Update
Now that Russell is getting some good pub — the narratives flipping from lottery bust to Magic Johnson gave up on him too quickly — he won’t let it distract him. “I’ve been on the worst side of the tilt,” Russell said after Thursday’s practice at Santa Monica High School. “So to now to be on this side where we’re having a little success, I’ve seen both narratives. I’ve seen every narrative you could throw. When it comes to preparing myself for them, I’ve looked in the mirror and I’ve put myself in the situation before [the media] could.”