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Frustrating times for the Clippers. Even a three-game win streak didn’t alleviate the pain of the nine-game losing streak that preceded it, because the “turnaround” came against three bad teams, and Blake Griffin got hurt during it. With L.A. on its way to a 126-107 home loss to the Jazz last night, Austin Rivers confronted a courtside fan. The Clippers guard clearly told the fan to “shut the f— up.”
The Clippers haven’t won a game in three weeks. That’s why talk has been rampant around the NBA that Coach Doc Rivers could be out the door soon. It’s unlikely Rivers would want to sign up for a long rebuilding project, and if things continue to go sideways in Los Angeles, selling off pieces seems like the only logical step for the Clippers.
Rivers’ team blew an 18-point lead in the final five minutes to lose to the Sacramento Kings on Sunday. Chris Paul called it the worst regular-season loss of his career. Rivers said it was “up there” for him.
Two days after the Clippers suffered the season’s most damning loss, DeAndre Jordan stared down at assembled cameras and microphones. Amid a wild thicket of bed-head dreads, a patch of locks sprouted from his forehead, pointing upward like a cluster of daffodils. “It’s a struggle right now,” Jordan said Tuesday morning. “My hair is a representation of the struggle we’ve had.”
There’s not been some massive overhaul in how the players on the team view each other. The clashes still exist – and will continue to exist, Griffin said. “I don’t think people realize how much teammates are going to have to (slams fists into one another) sometime. You know?” he said. “Every team does that. Listen to Mo (Speights) talk about Golden State. Listen to Paul (Pierce) talk about Boston. Every team does that. And when you win, it doesn’t matter. “... Anytime you’re trying to achieve something this big, it’s going to happen.” Griffin said he never subscribed into those disagreements defining the Clippers’ failures. “People try to make it a thing,” he said. “I’ve never really bought that.”
On one of the next possessions, the two players were in a similar situation. This time, they executed beautifully, with Redick perfectly reading the Griffin pass and scoring. Neither player was right; neither was wrong. “That was it,” Griffin told the Southern California News Group Wednesday night. “ ... It’s about getting it right – not being right – with this team. Maybe, in years past, it was more about being right.”
In a radio interview with Colin Cowherd on Thursday, Davis, who hasn't played in an NBA game in over a year after undergoing ankle surgery in September, was critical of his ex-teammate, particularly for dribbling the ball too much. "He has his way about himself," Davis said when asked if Paul was a problem in the locker room. "It's, 'I'm Chris Paul, give me the ball, I'm gonna dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, might pass if it looks good, or I'll shoot.'"
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