Nikola Mirotic on the Rondo-Paul fight: "I believe ever…

Nikola Mirotic on the Rondo-Paul fight: “I believe everything Rajon Rondo says. He had strong comments about Chris Paul. I can’t talk about Chris Paul because honestly I don’t know him. I do know he’s kind of a nuisance when you play against him, he talks a lot, complains a lot… he also insults you. But that’s part of the game. What I saw in that clip, it was not so much about Rajon spitting on him, it’s more about this guy poking him in the eye… and Rajon reacted well. It’s a normal reaction when somebody tries to attack you that you want to protect yourself. I’m not coming to Rajon’s defense or saying [throwing a punch] is what you should do, but I understand it’s a normal reaction.”

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December 1, 2021 | 6:22 pm EST Update