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Rob Pelinka has been “very active” in attempting to add more shooting and size to the Los Angeles Lakers roster, according to Adrian Wojnarowski on ESPN. “Rob Pelinka has still been very active, even in the dog days of August. He’s been on the phone a lot, he’s still trying to find deals to bring in more shooting, perhaps some size. And so I think those conversations continue all the way into training camp,” said Wojnarowski on NBA Today.
Among the executives with whom I spoke, a Boston deal with Jaylen Brown as the centerpiece appears to be the unofficial front-runner here. In general terms, sources say the Nets are using the fact that the Celtics (and perhaps other teams) have made their second-best player available as a baseline of sorts in negotiations. Translation: If you’re still trying to discuss a Durant deal without putting your second-best talent on the table, then just stop wasting everyone’s time and bow out of this race.
Timpf highlighted the fact that LeBron was second only to Giannis in the in made field-goals in the restricted per game (6.5), converting at a 75.3% clip. Giannis shot 76% from the restricted area and averaged 6.6 makes per game. “So basically, LeBron James through 19 seasons, with all the mileage on his body, with the horrific [floor] spacing that the Lakers had last year with Russell Westbrook on the court, the 22nd ranked three-point efficiency team in the league, with all of those factors working against him, he was every bit as productive and efficient getting the basket as Giannis. That’s outrageous.”