Well, you know the story with Mike and Dikembe. Dikembe…

Well, you know the story with Mike and Dikembe. Dikembe was like, ‘You never got me.’ And the next time they played, he got him and did the finger wag… Carter: The guy I didn’t dunk on was Shaq. One time I tried, he flatlined me. Wilkins: I got him one time. But I quick dunked him. Carter: That’s the only way. Wilkins: Not like you’re going to go over him. You ain’t doing that. You had to catch Shaq when he least expected it. And that’s how I got him. Matter of fact, it was his rookie year. And I didn’t get him since… One guy who I could never get was Artis Gilmore.
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May 26, 2022 | 7:21 pm EDT Update
A sitting team president of an NBA franchise told me it’s unlikely that the league’s owners would allow the Trail Blazers to relocate to Seattle after a potential sale. “That’s a no-go,” he said. The prevailing sentiment is that Seattle and Las Vegas have already been unofficially earmarked for NBA expansion and the current owners would prefer to avoid cannibalizing what would be a windfall of $6 billion in combined expansion fees.
May 26, 2022 | 6:49 pm EDT Update