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June 20, 2021 | 8:42 am EDT Update
And the Nets could engage in sign-and-trade talks using Spencer Dinwiddie. Reportedly, the Nets were engaged in talks at the deadline with the Warriors that would have sent the point guard to Golden State for Kelly Oubre and to Los Angeles and the Lakers for Kyle Kuzma. Per Bobby Marks in an ESPN+ analysis Sunday morning… A sign-and-trade deal with a team that doesn’t have significant cap space is an option, but that would require Brooklyn to take back salary in the trade, adding to an already high luxury tax bill. Brooklyn has a projected $53.4 million tax bill and would see that number double if the Nets took back $12 million in salary.
While on the NBA matter, the 55-year-old Efes coach also addressed the rumor mill surrounding EuroLeague MVP Vasilije Micic as well as the upcoming departure of Sertac Sanli to Barcelona. “There are a lot of candidates for the NBA, especially Vasilije Micic, but we are doing everything we can to keep them. While we were worried about Micic, Sertac Sanli’s transfer to Barcelona came out. He’s talking very seriously right now. Although, during our last visit, President Ergodan also warned him. He said, ‘what would you do there? Why would you leave the champions for the runner-ups?”. I’m saying the same thing.”
There’s a lot of big-time talent and big-time teams at home or on vacation. The Bucks are still here. “There were a lot of ups and downs within the series. There were a lot of ups and downs in this game. Everybody fought extremely hard,” Antetokounmpo said. “I almost got emotional out there, we really wanted this.” You don’t always stride down the aisle to a championship coronation. Sometimes you beat the other guy by the toe of their Nikes.
For Lopez, that final stop meant the team erased a blunder he made at the end of regulation where he forgot that there were only 2.1 seconds left on the shot clock with 8.1 seconds remaining. By failing to take a shot, the Bucks came up with an empty possession and gave the Nets a chance to tie or win the game, which Durant managed to do by forcing overtime. Despite the mistake, Lopez remained determined to pull out a victory. “After that happened, I just took it upon myself,” Lopez said. “I told my teammates, ‘I made a mistake, but let’s go get this.’ I’m gonna fix this, we’re gonna fix this and so it happened, but it was great to see how resilient we were.”
Typically, Lopez waits for offensive players at the rim in the Bucks’ drop coverage, but not on this block of Durant. Somehow, Lopez recovered to block Durant’s layup attempt from the back side of the defense after Durant rejected the screen and sprinted away from him at full speed. “He gets all the blocks,” Tucker said. “Like, I don’t know how he does it, but he does. (laughs) That block was amazing and the way we played that was amazing. We always talk about different things we want to do, especially with KD, getting downhill. Being up, being back, it’s just so much every possession. It changes so much. He just made a great read and got a great block. It was a huge play.”