Inside the locker room, Leonard’s free agency is rare…

Inside the locker room, Leonard’s free agency is rarely discussed, even if everyone is wary of the consequences. “We need him to stay,” says Ibaka. “He keeps everybody safe—no one is safe if he leaves.” Ibaka has been one of Leonard’s strongest new connections. In Leonard, Ibaka sees shades of Westbrook and Kevin Durant, his former teammates in Oklahoma City. “They have a similar mind-set, where if they want to do something, they know they can.” In San Antonio, Leonard was known as the Claw. In Toronto, Ibaka has tried to make Deadly Zombie (self-explanatory) and Cape Town (the city in South Africa) stick. “I don’t know why, but he keeps telling me he’s from Cape Town,” says Ibaka, who was born in Congo. “Of all the places. . . . Maybe he just wants to visit there someday.”
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Tragedy has struck the Colorado men’s basketball family. According to a news release from the Department of Defense, Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Tresse King, the mother of former Buffaloes star George King, died on Tuesday while deployed in Kuwait. No details were released other than saying King died “in a noncombat-related incident” at Ali Al Salem Air Base.
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