The Sixers went into the Butler experience with eyes wi…

2 months ago via ESPN
The Sixers went into the Butler experience with eyes wide open, and still hope to re-sign him this summer, sources say. He objected during that recent film session only after coach Brett Brown asked if anyone wanted to add something — and after an assistant coach nudged T.J. McConnell to speak about his concerns, sources say. Butler didn’t mention just his own role; he mentioned McConnell’s too. “When you ask the team, ‘What do you see?’ you’d better be prepared to listen,” Brown told “I’m OK with it. I have to be. I am the instigator.”
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March 22, 2019 | 4:37 am EDT Update
Now that Russell is getting some good pub — the narratives flipping from lottery bust to Magic Johnson gave up on him too quickly — he won’t let it distract him. “I’ve been on the worst side of the tilt,” Russell said after Thursday’s practice at Santa Monica High School. “So to now to be on this side where we’re having a little success, I’ve seen both narratives. I’ve seen every narrative you could throw. When it comes to preparing myself for them, I’ve looked in the mirror and I’ve put myself in the situation before [the media] could.”