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Mark Medina: Steve Kerr said “it’s not surprising at all” that Patrick McCaw signed with the Toronto Raptors. Kerr called McCaw “a modern-day wing” and added “there’s a reason why we drafted him.”
Marc Stein: Not yet clear how deeply the NBA will look into Cleveland's signing and near-immediate release of restricted free agent Patrick McCaw. Asked if they would urge the league to do so, Warriors officials declined comment Monday. The Cavaliers signed the restricted free agent McCaw to a two-year, $6 million unguaranteed deal that Golden State declined to match. Cleveland waived McCaw after he appeared in just three games, setting up McCaw to become an unrestricted free agent if he clears waivers this week
Connor Letourneau: Kerr said he hasn't talked to Myers about Golden State asking the NBA to look into the McCaw-Cavs situation: "The whole thing was kind of strange. I don't know if there's ever been a totally non-guaranteed offer sheet. ... It was news to me that the league is investigating it."
Mark Medina: ICYMI: Newser on Cavaliers waiving Patrick McCaw. I'm told four teams (not Warriors, of course) have some interest in him once he clears waivers
Alex Kennedy: One NBA agent believes Cleveland waiving Pat McCaw was the plan all along, hence the first year of the deal being non-guaranteed too. Now, we'll see if McCaw re-signs with the Cavaliers on a cheaper deal or signs elsewhere.
Shams Charania: Sources @TheAthleticNBA @WatchStadium: The Cleveland Cavaliers are planning to waive Pat McCaw. McCaw signed a non-guaranteed two-year offer sheet with Cleveland to leave Golden State.
Shams Charania: Cleveland, along with several playoff contenders, are expected to express interest in signing McCaw if he clears waivers. Guarantee deadline for McCaw (two years, $7M) -- and other players on non-guaranteed deals around NBA -- is Monday.
​There​ is no particular reason Patrick McCaw​ chose not​ to​ return to​ the​ Golden​​ State Warriors. The team that drafted him, won two Finals with him on the roster and wanted him back this season, on a two-year, $5.2 million contract, with rotation minutes his for the taking. Nope. Nothing in particular.
“That’s a tough question,” McCaw said Monday, after his first practice with his new team, the Cavaliers. “I loved playing in Golden State,” McCaw continued. “My teammates, the coaches, it was nothing really … nothing stands out to me to say I didn’t want to go back. Think it was just a personal thing where I was just like, I think it was time for me to move on for a new opportunity within myself. Nothing against Golden State, front office, coaches, players, the environment, it had nothing to do with any of that. It’s just a personal thing, and I wanted a new opportunity to move on. “I can’t say anything other than it was all me. Nothing against Golden State. I just wanted to move on.”
Adrian Wojnarowski: It's official, league sources tell ESPN: Patrick McCaw is a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
The Golden State Warriors have no plans to match Cleveland's two-year, $6 million offer sheet for restricted free agent Patrick McCaw, league sources told ESPN. Golden State has until 11:59 PM ET on Sunday to formally respond to the Cavaliers offer sheet within the mandated 48-hour window, but the team expects to let McCaw join the Cavaliers.
The deal is non-guaranteed, which means Cleveland doesn't have to make a decision on keeping McCaw on its roster at a pro-rated $3 million for the rest of the season until January 7. McCaw's 2019-20 contract is non-guaranteed for $3 million. The Cavaliers will get the opportunity to take a look at McCaw, a 23 year-old forward, for the rest of the season before deciding whether to guarantee the second year of his deal. Matching the McCaw offer sheet would've elevated the Warriors luxury tax bill $11.3 million to $61.6 million.
“I’m cool with him. That’s my guy. If he came back today, I would treat him like he was here the whole time,” Warriors second-year forward Jordan Bell said. “It wasn’t anything against us personally. It’s a business. So if they brought him back, I’d say, ‘Pat’s my guy.’ I’d accept him with open arms. But I can’t speak for anybody else.”
Lastly, the Warriors are sensitive what the integration process might entail involving McCaw’s return. How long would it take for McCaw to feel comfortable on the court after not playing professionally since logging limited minutes in the 2018 Western Conference Finals and NBA Finals? How long would it take for the Warriors’ bench to adjust considering Kerr has managed varying bench rotations to accommodate for new arrivals (McKinnie, Jonas Jerebko) and larger roles for young players (Bell, Kevon Looney, Quinn Cook)? To what extent would the Warriors’ locker room welcome McCaw back? “It would be an adjustment just because he hadn’t been playing with us and we have a new roster and a couple of new guys. But I think most of us would take him back with open arms,” Looney said. “Of course, we would talk to him and tease him a little bit and say, ‘It’s been a while’ and ask what he’s been up to. But we all love him. We won a championship together. At least for me, I definitely would’ve taken him back with open arms.”
Warriors forwards Draymond Green and Kevin Durant respectfully declined to speak too much about McCaw’s two-year saga with the Warriors that will likely end after rejecting their $1.7 million qualifying offer and two-year, $5.2 million deal. Both of them walked away after fielding a handful of questions related to McCaw, his prolonged holdout and how much contact they had with him during his unresolved free agency from July through the first three months of the 2019-20 regular season. They simply followed the unspoken rule in professional sports not to comment on other players’ business matters. Said Durant: “It’s not my forte. I just hoop.” Said Green: “That’s good for him, if that’s what he wanted. So we’ll just wait and see what our organization does and go from there.”
But McCaw, it’s been clear for awhile now, was so determined to force his way out that he put his career on hold until the right offer sheet at the right time would force the Warriors to balk. Cleveland gave it to him on Friday, a two-year non-guaranteed deal 10 days before the first-year salary of about $3 million will guarantee. The Warriors, sources say, are leaning strongly toward declining it. (They also are believed to have offered McCaw a two-year deal with some guaranteed money earlier this year, which he declined.)
Owner Joe Lacob’s a bit ticked off at the McCaw situation, sources say. He paid $2.4 million a few summers ago to buy the second-round pick from the Bucks that became McCaw. The Warriors got good value in his rookie season. McCaw contributed to a title team. Season 2 was a struggle.
The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed restricted free agent guard Patrick McCaw to a multi-year offer sheet, Cavaliers General Manager Koby Altman announced today from Cleveland Clinic Courts.
Warriors restricted free agent Patrick McCaw signed a nonguaranteed two-year, $6 million offer sheet Friday morning with the Cleveland Cavaliers, The Chronicle has confirmed. Once it receives a copy of Cleveland’s offer sheet, Golden State has 48 hours to match, which appears unlikely for several reasons.
The Warriors have repeatedly stated their desire to keep their 15th and final roster spot open for flexibility in the buyout market and other player-adding avenues. If it elects to match McCaw’s offer sheet, Golden State would have to endure an $11.3-million hit against the luxury tax. There is also the fact that, after declining a $1.7 million qualifying offer and a two-year, $5.2 million offer from the Warriors, McCaw might not be welcomed back by many of his teammates nearly halfway through the season.
Mark Medina: Early sense from Warriors on McCaw: openness on matching McCaw’s offer sheet is based more on maximizing assets in potential trade than wanting to retain him. Warriors mindful of luxury taxes and how McCaw would be welcomed back in the locker room given his prolonged absence
Adrian Wojnarowski: Golden State restricted agent Patrick McCaw is signing an offer sheet with Cleveland today, league sources tell ESPN.
Shams Charania: Golden State Warriors restricted free agent Pat McCaw is signing a two years, $6M offer sheet with the Cleveland Cavaliers, per league sources.
Adrian Wojnarowski: McCaw has clearly indicated that he no longer wants to play for Warriors. As @Bobby Marks reports, matching sheet and keeping McCaw will cost Golden State $11.3M tax.
The Golden State Warriors are still prepared to match any offer sheet for restricted free-agent holdout guard Patrick McCaw, league sources told Yahoo Sports. McCaw, 23, has held out this season and stayed away from the team in an attempt to secure a contract of his liking or in hopes that the Warriors would renounce him, setting free the No. 38 pick in the 2016 NBA draft to sign with any team without restriction.
With the new year approaching and with second-year wing Alfonzo McKinnie, 26, remarkably earning a roster spot and cracking the rotation, the defending champs haven’t budged on their stance to maintain McCaw’s rights, sources said. Although there is interest from rivals in poaching away the versatile 6-foot-7 guard, teams have received word of the Warriors’ intentions and remain hesitant to submit an offer sheet, sources said. The Warriors can match any offer sheet McCaw receives from another team.
The restricted free agency of Pat McCaw continues. McCaw remains in discussions with several other teams — including Golden State — league sources said.
Warriors majority owner Joe Lacob spoke the thoughts of many Warriors fans and those in the organization regarding Patrick McCaw’s absence through training camp and entering the 2018-19 season. “I don’t really understand it,” Lacob told Bay Area News Group recently. “It completely befuddles me. I’m at a loss.”
Warriors general manager Bob Myers told Bay Area News Group last week that he still wants to retain McCaw despite spending his second year dealing with a back injury and inconsistency. The Warriors do not plan to add another player to their 14-man roster so they can maintain financial flexibility. Though they signed training camp invitee Alfonzo McKinnie to a two-year deal, his contract does not become guaranteed until Jan. 10. The Warriors also own McCaw’s rights and have three days to match any offer sheet he receives. “I’d love to see him come back,” Lacob said of McCaw. “But if he doesn’t, we move on.”
Patrick​ McCaw has​ gone​ dark. His​ teammates have been​ reaching out​ and​ they can’t get a hold​ of him, talk​​ some sense into him. McCaw officially stayed away from all of this Warriors training camp and missed the entire preseason slate. The regular season starts in three days. A few Warriors players talked to him before camp, advising him on what to do. But as his holdout has continued, he has not responded to several players checking in on him. Veterans, champions — the kind of men McCaw should be listening to — are being shut out. “You can’t do this after two years,” one player said. “You’ve got to get the clout first. He doesn’t have the leverage.”
Anthony Slater: As planned, Warriors will enter the season with only 14 roster guys. That vacant 15th spot can remain as a leverage point with still restricted free agent Patrick McCaw.
It appears plausible the Warriors could go through their entire training camp without any resolution with Patrick McCaw’s free agency. Yet, Warriors general manager Bob Myers told Bay Area News Group the team has not wavered in its hopes to re-sign the third-year wing player. “I’ll update you if there’s anything new,” Myers said.
“You don’t have to guarantee a player. You can two-way a guy. It doesn’t mean you’re filling the spot,” Myers said. “You could fill the spot if you chose to, but it’s not the only route we’ll go.” In other words, the Warriors may be willing to re-sign McCaw after the calendar year.
Beyond maximizing his earnings and security, McCaw has wanted a two-year deal so he could become an unrestricted free agent in 2020, sources said. Per terms of the collective bargaining agreement, McCaw would become a restricted free agent again next summer if he agrees to a one-year deal.
Connor Letourneau: Steve Kerr on how he handles things with McCaw still not here: "I just show up for practice, and whoever's there, that's who we coach. These young guys are doing a great job." The Warriors have to make a decision about that 14th roster spot by Saturday.
McCaw’s stance is more complicated but more important to understanding the current stalemate. He had a $1.7 million qualifying offer sitting on the table for months, which expired Monday night. He also had a two-year contract offer with a carrot for both sides — a $2-plus million starting salary for McCaw, which was larger than his qualifying offer, and a team option on that second year, sources indicated, which is an asset for the Warriors. McCaw’s representatives urged him to take one of the two choices, sources said, but he hasn’t.
That wouldn’t seem to make a ton of sense from a financial standpoint. After a rough second season that included a massive shooting slump, a fractured wrist and a nearly crippling back injury, McCaw didn’t find much of a market in restricted free agency. The Warriors’ guaranteed offer, it would appear, is the most lucrative available. But, reaffirmed by his Monday decision to let the qualifying offer expire, there’s something that’s becoming increasingly clear: This isn’t as much about money for McCaw as it is about opportunity. Sources indicate that both McCaw and his father, Jeff, who has become a vocal part of this process, believe a more expansive role is the best thing for his growth and eventual earning potential.
Anthony Slater: One team source on Patrick McCaw’s free agency strategy: “Bizarre.” Tough to imagine him returning at this point. It’s a 9th/10th man hardballing the defending champs. The locker room has noticed. But in long run, he’s betting on himself. On him to prove he’s right.
Shams Charania: Sources on @TheAthleticNBA @WatchStadium: Restricted free agent Pat McCaw plan to decline his Golden State Warriors' one-year qualifying offer, barring unforeseen change, allowing today's deadline to expire and keeping him RFA.
According to sources, McCaw is mulling over a two-year, $4 million offer from the Warriors. McCaw had been pushing to get a two-year deal from the team so he can be an unrestricted free agent in 2020. Time will tell whether McCaw will be with the team in the coming days, but those in camp don’t seem to be worried.
Connor Letourneau: Not seeing Patrick McCaw at Warriors practice. His QO expires tonight.
They're missing his presence, saving his roster spot and reluctant to move on from the missing man. "It'll never affect his standing amongst us as a human being, as a teammate," Kerr said of McCaw's absence. "We're going to support him, no matter what. But we also have to play. We've got a game tomorrow. We have to do our jobs."
Training camp starts in less than a week and Patrick McCaw still hasn’t signed his qualifying offer to return to the Warriors. And according to Mark Medina, he isn’t even listed on the training camp roster — yet. The young wing is still holding out on a bigger deal from the Warriors and it appears that neither side is willing to budge at the moment. McCaw saw his role reduce in his sophomore season because of added wing depth and a few injuries that held him out of a large chunk of the season.
If McCaw doesn’t show up, maybe the Warriors will just stage an open competition and see if one of those younger options seizes the opportunity. But the most likely result remains McCaw’s eventual concession. A similar situation happened with center Alex Len in Phoenix last summer. He didn’t love his $4.2 million qualifying offer. He dragged the process deep into the summer. He finally accepted it on Sept. 21, right before camp.
Marcus Thompson: “The [Warriors] roster is set. There’s just one guy they’re waiting for. Patrick McCaw has a qualifying offer, and from how it was explained to me, it’s just a matter of - there’s no rush for him to sign it. It’s just sitting there. If another opportunity comes up, maybe somebody gets injured in a camp, maybe somebody wants to take a flier on him because they need a player, McCaw is just waiting until the last possible minute. .... In the end, I expect him to sign it and come back.”
Monte Poole: To those asking about Pat McCaw's status with the Warriors: He can sign the qualifying offer ($1.74M) any day. There is no urgency, as the team is not expected to rescind. Meanwhile, Pat has flexibility if another offer develops.
And now — besides the still-to-settle Patrick McCaw restricted free agency, which is expected to end with his returning for his $1.74 million qualifying offer — it’s time for seven weeks of rest and vacationing before reconvening for the slow chase toward a fourth title in five years. Capture it or not next June, it’s been a legendary half-decade for the Warriors.
Bobby Marks: We now have 4 restricted free agents left on the board after the Marcus Smart signing: Clint Capela (HOU), Rodney Hood (CLE), Patrick McCaw (GSW) and Montrezl Harrell (LAC).
Mark Medina: Warriors announce the signing of Jonas Jerebko. Warriors now with 13 players under contract. Expected to re-sign Patrick McCaw soon and then leave the last roster spot open to save $$$ and keep flexibility
Monte Poole: Warriors indeed looking toward Jonas Jerebko and Pat McCaw, according to 2 league sources. If they land both, all but closes the door on adding an instant-offense type like Michael Beasley or Jamal Crawford.
Mark Medina: The Warriors officially re-sign Kevin Durant. Warriors have 12 players under contract & will be at 13 when Jonas Jerebko signs. They'll be at 14 presuming Patrick McCaw returns. Warriors likely to keep last roster spot open to save $$ and keep flexibility for next season.
Chris Haynes: Golden State has extended the qualifying offer to guard Patrick McCaw, making him a restricted free agent, league sources tell ESPN.
Logan Murdock: Steve Kerr said he’d love to get younger on the bench: “We’d love to get Loon and Patrick back.”
In less than three weeks, McCaw, will be a restricted free agent, and if all things go his way, he’d be in a Warriors’ uniform come next season. “I would love to be here,” McCaw said. “There’s no other place I’d rather be, this is all I know.”
Patrick McCaw will be a restricted free agent after the season and the second-year wing is “regarded as a top target” for teams as they look ahead to the 2018 free agent class, Bobby Marks of writes. Opposing teams like McCaw’s age and versatility and he could draw offers despite the restricted status.
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