While making an appearance on ESPN’s Zach Lowe’s “The Lowe Post” podcast, Los Angeles Lakers controlling owner Jeanie Buss gave the Boston Celtics the highest praise possible when discussing the genesis of the Lakers’ dynasty. Buss, who has had control of the team since 2013-14, says that her father (the late Dr. Jerry Buss) bought the Los Angeles-based franchise in the 1979 in order to provide a competitive balance in the NBA. “I love… I respect the Celtics’ legacy. And really if you look at it, the Lakers are — and what Dr. Jerry Buss built with the Lakers — was really to balance the Celtics dynasty.”
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September 24, 2022 | 3:05 pm EDT Update
Clutch Points: “First play of the game I’m [Kobe Bryant] running through Pau Gasol.” Dwyane Wade & LeBron James detail how Kobe set the tone for the whole game vs. Spain with just one play 🔥 pic.twitter.com/vyW8Vuvb4p

September 24, 2022 | 12:44 pm EDT Update