John Wall has a history of trying to play through pain.…

John Wall has a history of trying to play through pain. His latest setback is forcing the Washington Wizards guard to take a different approach. “I guess God is telling me something,” Wall said Friday night about the ruptured Achilles tendon that will force him to miss at least the majority of the 2019-20 season. “To sit down and get yourself fully healthy. I’ve played through injuries my whole career. I know a lot of people who played through injuries and don’t sit down. That’s one thing I don’t like to do. If something that’s nagging or not broken, I want to play. I guess it kind of caught up to me.”

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But Wall, whose $170 million "supermax" contract extension kicks starting next season, is optimistic about his future. "All the people that talk negative like 'You're not coming back,' that just motivates me even more," Wall said. Wall suffered the Achilles injury after slipping and falling at home. "I understand I had an infection and getting off antibiotics, I felt like something wasn't going right," Wall said. "I slipped, but I don't think that's the main reason. ... My pain was still the same. I didn't have discomfort."
Hoop District: John Wall on support from #DCFamily: "This whole organization, this city period, from day one they embraced me. This is like a second home to me. As long as I’ve got their support and the organization behind me, I don’t care what the outside world says."
He hasn’t yet spoken with reporters since the team announced his surgery, but the press release stated that Wall suffered the ruptured Achilles “slipping and falling in his home.” Dr. Douoguih said on the conference call that the slip occurred while getting into the shower Jan. 29. Wall informed Douoguih about the fall, but doctors didn’t realize he had ruptured the Achilles in the moment. Douoguih discovered it Monday while performing an exploratory surgery to treat an infection that resulted from the initial surgery to remove the bone spurs, which Wall underwent on Jan. 8.
Wall, who already had season-ending surgery on his left heel on Jan. 8, will be sidelined for about the next 12 months after rupturing his left Achilles tendon on Tuesday. The Wizards said that Wall slipped and fell at his home last week. So, Cousins spoke with Wall on Tuesday morning. “It sucks. It’s unfortunate,” said Cousins who injured his left Achilles tendon last season with the New Orleans Pelicans. “But me knowing John as well as I do, I know he’ll overcome this. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. He’s overcome a lot more obstacles in his life. Just add this to the list.”
“I know John pretty well. He’s a mentally strong guy,” said Cousins, who played with Wall at the University of Kentucky. “I basically told him to prepare for the hard days because there’s a lot. Through it all, make sure you try to better yourself each day. Once that day is behind you, move on to the next regardless of the results. That was my advice. There’s no doubt in my mind he’ll come back.”
Marcin Gortat: Crazy:(
Shams Charania: Sources @TheAthleticNBA @WatchStadium: The NBA has granted the Washington Wizards an $8.6M Disabled Player Exception for loss of star guard John Wall. Washington has a March 11 deadline to use the exception.
While his teammates were in Philadelphia, Wall was in Green Bay, Wis., to remove bone spurs in his left heel. Wall will need to rehabilitate for the next six to eight months, leaving the Wizards with only Tomas Satoransky and Randle as the point guards for the time being.
Candace Buckner: John Wall is undergoing surgery for his left heel today. Chasson Randle said the two have texted this morning before the procedure and Wall shared encouragement with Randle after his contract became guaranteed.
Wizards guard John Wall will undergo a debridement and repair of a Haglund’s deformity and a chronic Achilles tendon injury in his left heel. The procedure will be performed by Dr. Robert Anderson in Green Bay, WI, next week on a day to be determined. Wall is expected to return to full basketball activity in approximately six to eight months.
The procedure was determined to be the best course of action to relieve pain and inflammation in Wall’s heel after consultation between Dr. Anderson, Dr. David Porter of Indianapolis, IN, and Wizards Director of Medical Services and Orthopedist Dr. Wiemi Douoguih.
Fred Katz: Scott Brooks confirms John Wall is "likely" to have season-ending surgery on his left heel: "But as we speak, doctors and multiple specialists along with our doctors are confirming...And that's the news."
Tom Haberstroh: Am told that John Wall has a bone “spur stuck in his Achilles.” Surgery would shave down the bone spur in his heel and smooth it out.
Washington Wizards star John Wall is planning to undergo season-ending surgery to repair bone spurs in his left heel, league sources told ESPN. Wall, 28, is expected to finalize a timetable for the procedure in the coming days, sources said. Recovery could sideline the point guard for six months.
Doctors determined the procedure is necessary for Wall to remedy an issue that has bothered him for over a year. Wall met with specialist Dr. Robert Anderson on Saturday, who recommended the surgery. Wall was trying to play through the injury but it was getting worse, sources said, and opting to have the surgery now now should allow him to return healthy for the start of next season.
Albert Nahmad: Wizards have until January 15 to apply for a $9.6M Disabled Player Exception for John Wall. If granted, they could use it to acquire a player via signing (1-year only), trade (expiring only), or waiver claim (expiring only). But, at $6.5M over tax line, using it would be costly.
Bobby Marks: Some notes re: John Wall: * Insurance covers 80% of the salary or up to $275K after 41 games missed. * Washington could apply for a Disabled Player Exception worth up to $8.6M if the league deems Wall is out until 6/15.
Candace Buckner: DEVELOPING: After consulting with a foot specialist, #Wizards five-time all-star John Wall is contemplating surgery. If he does go forward with the procedure he will miss 6 to 8 months, The Post has learned.
David Aldridge: Per source, @John Wall will see Dr. Robert Anderson, the foot specialist who is currently associate team physician for the Packers. Anderson has operated on several stars across multiple sports over the years, including @Stephen Curry, @Kevin Durant, @Cam Newton and Derek Jeter.
Candace Buckner: Scott Brooks on Wall's bone spurs injury: “I’ve been here three years and it’s been off and on but we’ve [#Wizards training staff] all been able to manage it. Two times in a row with me as a coach he’s been an all-star and he’s been an all-star three years prior to that. He’s been able to do it and sometimes there are times where he’s able to fight through and like tonight, he can’t do it.””
Fred Katz: Wall's bone spurs in his left heel starting to get particularly bad during the Wizards' loss at Cleveland on Dec. 8. He missed the Dec. 10 game at Indiana but returned to the lineup for the following one against Boston.
Chase Hughes: John Wall is out due to illness. He will miss his third game of the season. Tomas Satoransky is starting in his place. This should help the chances Ron Baker debuts.
Chris Miller: No John Wall tonight vs. #Pacers (Left Heel Soreness) #WizPacers #DCFamily #NBATwitter
Fred Katz: John Wall did not practice today, per Scott Brooks. Brooks said he’s feeling better with his illness (he was under the weather yesterday and missed shootaround because of it) but sat because of the bone spurs that have been bugging him. Wall’s status is uncertain for tomorrow.
Candace Buckner: John Wall spent most of the postgame sitting near his stall and using a device to massage up & down his left leg. He’s been dealing with a lingering bone spur in his left heel. He took five shots and three from the arc —Wall said the injury kept him from driving as he likes to.
Candace Buckner: Asked John Wall to explain what's going on with his left heel, something that he has been dealing with this season and in the past: “It’s just like a bone spur. … I probably shouldn’t have played, that’s my fault. But you learn from your mistakes.”
In their four postseason appearances together, Wall and Beal failed to make it to the second round this year for the first time. Their long-time goal has been to break through the second-round barrier and into the Eastern Conference finals. "For me [this] was upsetting [mostly] because I missed 40-something games," said Wall, who missed a total of 41 games this season -- 28 straight after he had surgery on his left knee in January.
Candace Buckner: Brooks announces Wall will not play tomorrow in Chicago. Tomas Satoransky back in the starting lineup.
Candace Buckner: #Wizards simulated high-pace, intense practices for John Wall to see if he could play with no restricts. And he's passed everything. Brooks: "We wanted to make sure he's able to push and come back the next day."
Candace Buckner: Brooks says the team is "open" for John Wall playing some back-to-backs in this final stretch. The #Wizards have three back to backs within this remaining seven-game stretch
Candace Buckner: So, ummm. Yesterday #Wizards Coach Scott Brooks said John Wall would participate in shootaround and be listed as “questionable” for tonight’s game vs Detroit. Well, looks like the first part is a no go
Candace Buckner: John Wall will travel with the team to Detroit, go through shootaround on Thursday morning and will be listed as “questionable” for the Thursday night game.
Tom Orsborn: Brooks is talking at length about the plan for Wall to rejoin team. He said there will be an adjustment period, but "this time of the year, it's a good problem to have," getting a great player back. What a contrast to #Spurs' situation with Kawhi.
It had been so long since John Wall met with the media to discuss his left knee injury that a different version of the five-time All-Star stepped in front of the cameras to field questions about his recovery on Monday afternoon. [...] "I've been feeling great," he said. "I feel like I've shown what I have to do in practice. I'm going through all the protocols for things I have to do to clear what they want me to clear. But I have done mostly everything they have asked me to do so far."
Wall feels good about his rehab and the shape he has been able to maintain. Wall, in fact, has lost 10 to 15 pounds since his arthroscopic left knee surgery on Jan. 31. It wasn't his intention, it just happened. Though it came as a surprise, the weight loss could be beneficial as less pressure will be put on his surgically repaired knee. "I'm in better shape and not overweight. I just feel better when I'm playing on the court," he said.
Wall, though, does not plan to adjust his game for those factors. And he is not concerned about his style of play in terms of risking further injury. He was quick to point out that this left knee saga all began on a fluke play where he banged knees with another player on Nov. 7 against the Mavericks. "I'm just going to be John Wall. That's all I know how to do," he said. "When I have an injury, I don't think about it. I go out and play the same way I played before."
Washington Wizards point guard John Wall returned to full-contact practice Saturday, seven weeks after undergoing a debridement in his left knee. There is no timetable set for Wall's return, according to the Wizards.
Candace Buckner: Scott Brooks said "there's a good chance" that John Wall practices tomorrow. "He's ready to take it to another level."
Candace Buckner: More on Wall: Scott Brooks said he wants Wall to get "a handful of practices" in before he's activated for a game. And what's a handful? Brooks: "More than one, less than 20." So. Yeah.
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