Winslow said it feels as if he has been through this be…

Winslow said it feels as if he has been through this before, from when he first entered the NBA in 2015 as a mostly unknown commodity after only a single season at Duke, albeit a championship season. “It’s just like playing against a rookie,” he said. “You don’t know a rookie’s tendencies until kind of like their second year. A lot of people say rookies have great years. And then they say the real test is kind of the second year, once guys start getting used to it. I think I’m starting to go through that. Teams that we’re playing repeatedly are getting used to it. But luckily it’s kind of halfway through the year. So a lot of teams we play, we don’t play that many times more.”
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August 18, 2019 | 9:06 pm EDT Update
Entering his fifth season, Richardson was involved in a five-game playoff series loss two years ago against the Sixers. There have been many other, heated games with the two teams. His biggest perception of Philadelphia as an opposing player? “The fans, man,” Josh Richardson said during Saturday’s annual Sixers Summer Shore Tour at the PigDog Beach Bar BQ in Wildwood. “The first thing you think about is how hard the fans are to opposing players. It is tough playing against that and I am excited to play on the same side of those fans.”
In looking at his new team, Richardson noted something he thought he would never see, that he will be the smallest player in the starting lineup. The rest of the projected lineup is 6-10 point guard Ben Simmons, 6-9 small forward Tobias Harris, 6-10 power forward Al Horford and 7-2 center Joel Embiid. “I have never been that ever in my life,” Richardson said about being the smallest. “This will be interesting, looking up to my teammates, talking in huddles.”
Not surprisingly, his summer has been spent working overtime on all aspects of his game. “I’ve been grinding,” he said. Smith says he has benefited from extra summer work in the weight room. The Sixers list him at 199 pounds. He said he was about 205 the last time he was weighed before the summer and now says he is 212 pounds. He hopes to become a solid rotation player. “That is the goal,” he said. “Get in the rotation and play hard and do what I do and have fun.”
August 18, 2019 | 7:41 pm EDT Update