Glass: I’d like to think racism wasn’t involved. Al…

Glass: I’d like to think racism wasn’t involved. Although in the last three years, who knows, my opinion of the country has changed. I mean that. It’s been very disturbing to see the underbelly of what’s been unleashed here. In retrospect, who knows. I just think that the color the public resents is green more than black or white. I’ve always felt that way though I may be wrong. Do people resent the fact that black people are making a lot of money? I think that’s true. At that time, I was naive to that. Looking at the Kaepernick situation, I think that’s a big part of that.
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Steve Kerr approached Leandro Barbosa about playing this season

Warriors assistant coach Leandro Barbosa said coach Steve Kerr approached him about playing this season and doesn’t know why the opportunity never materialized. Barbosa, who specializes on the Warriors staff in mentoring players, acknowledged that the idea of him returning as a player after three years away from the NBA “wasn’t a joke at all” when injuries decimated the team’s rotation while the Warriors were in the playoff hunt.
“It wasn’t a joke at all,” Barbosa said. “Unfortunately that didn’t happen. But if it happened, I was ready to go. I know the offense, I know how we play… So as far as the connection with the guys, I don’t have a problem at all.” So why didn’t it happen? “I really don’t know, my man,” Barbosa said. “That’s a question you’d have to ask Steve or the organization.”