Joerger started rookie forward Marvin Bagley III for th…

Joerger started rookie forward Marvin Bagley III for the second time this season, benched guard Buddy Hield for the final 5:42 and played 12 men in an effort to salvage a critical game in the Western Conference playoff race. These decisions raised interesting and legitimate topics of conversation, but Joerger’s answers — which amounted to 22 syllables in response to the first five questions — didn’t exactly open a window into his thought process. Why did Bagley start? “That was for matchups,” Joerger said.

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Hield said it was difficult to sit on the sideline when his team got within four with 3:05 to play in the fourth quarter. “I’m a competitor. I always want to be on the court,” Hield said. “That’s what I do, man. We all make mistakes out there. We aren’t perfect. ... Everybody knows what I can do and everybody knows what I bring to the table. “Yeah, it’s hard. I’m not going to lie to you. It’s hard to watch. As a player, you want to be out there, but you’ve still got to respect the guys out there, too. ... When I’m doing my thing, they’re out there cheering me on. And when they’re out there, I’m always cheering for them, too.”
Hield seemed to agree with that point. “We all want to win,” Hield said. “We’re all there for the same reason, to win basketball games. If Dave doesn’t think I should have been out there, that’s his decision. I can’t overrule the coach’s decision, but I’ve gotta respect the guys who are out there because they’re my teammates and I love them. When I’m doing my thing, they have my back, so I’ve got to have their back, too.”
Joerger and Hield argued after Hield pulled up for a long 3-pointer instead of running the play Joerger called from the sideline. Joerger addressed the situation for the first time during his pregame news conference before the Kings played the Oklahoma City Thunder at Chesapeake Energy Arena. “I was a little animated at a time when the cameras are really on you and you’re kind of out there,” Joerger said. “That stuff shouldn’t happen out in front of people.”
Joerger got upset with Hield on Thursday after he made a 32-foot 3-pointer to cut Golden State’s lead to three with 19 seconds to play. A league source, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the situation, told The Sacramento Bee that Joerger was upset because Hield took the shot instead of running the play he called from the sideline. “Why don’t you just coach the f---ing team?” Joerger asked Hield, according to the source. Warriors star Kevin Durant then joined in the discussion, asking Hield: “What’s wrong with your coach? You made a great shot.”
Jason Anderson: Worth noting: Joerger said his exchange with Hield "wasn't about shot selection," but it WAS about Hield not running the play he called. Kind of a distinction without a difference. Anyway, the words you all probably want to hear Joerger say about Buddy: "I love him to death."
A league source, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the altercation, said Joerger was upset because Hield’s shot was not the play he called from the sideline. “Why don’t you just coach the f---ing team?” Joerger said as Hield made his way to the sideline during a dead-ball situation. Joerger and Hield exchanged words for about 40 seconds while Warriors forward Kevin Durant stood nearby listening. “What’s wrong with your coach?” Durant asked Hield. “You made a great shot.”
Jason Anderson: I asked Vlade Divac about The Athletic story tonight regarding his conference call with minority owners. “I just told them about my plan,” he said. The story says you told them to stop meddling and leaking stories. “Yeah, that’s my plan,” he said.
Four years into this job that comes with one of the league’s trickiest landscapes at the ownership level, Divac kept hearing rumblings of discontent from the same group of minority owners who just three years ago had explored ways to wrestle control away from lead owner and chairman, Vivek Ranadive. With his Kings backdrop so much different than before, and with Divac clearly fed up with the internal complaints, he decided to send a strong message on Monday.
According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Divac held a conference call with 13 members of the team’s executive board, along with Ranadive, and made this much clear: Stop with the meddling, bring an end to the alleged leaks in the media about internal matters, try enjoying the ride while it’s going so well and – cue Michael Jackson, circa 1987 – leave him alone as he tries to continue this turnaround. This was Divac, so roundly ridiculed as a front office executive for so long now, demanding respect.
According to sources, some of the team’s assistant coaches were displeased with the fact that Divac had the contractual paperwork sent their way from via Brandon Williams, who has been accused of being a source for a mid-November Yahoo! Sports story about Joerger’s job security. The divide between Joerger and Williams has never been bridged, with Williams traveling extensively (and intentionally) in the weeks that followed Joerger kicking him out of a late November shoot-around as a way of relieving tensions that remain.
Jason Anderson: Coach Dave Joerger #Kings adversity: "I think that a lot of great organizations, great families and great sports teams can be destroyed from within. I want to make sure we're airtight and solid from the inside, and it's been an opportunity for us to really grab on to each other."
For the Sacramento Kings, the behind-the-scenes battle between coach Dave Joerger and assistant general manager Brandon Williams isn’t going away. According to sources with knowledge of the situation, Joerger was uncomfortable with Williams' presence following practice Wednesday, and when the assistant GM showed up for the team’s shootaround Thursday, the Kings coach asked that he be removed from the floor.
According to sources, Williams and Joerger also were on separate pages when it came to free agent targets, which led to additional discord. Whether the relationship can be repaired is unknown, but at this point, there is clear distrust between the two men.
As The Athletic reported on Nov. 19, Joerger has long been of the belief that Kings assistant general manager Brandon Williams would like to replace him as coach and was, in essence, working against him internally. But that story, and the fact that it came at a time when the Kings were off to one of their best starts in more than a decade, have only made matters even worse.
According to sources, Joerger on Thursday asked that Williams not be present for the team’s shoot-around in advance of the Kings’ home game against the Clippers. Williams, who had returned from an extended stretch of travel on Wednesday that had helped avoid these sorts of conflicts, subsequently left the shoot-around with Divac as a result of Joerger’s request. Joerger, the sources say, believes that Williams was the source of the story and is upset with the organization for not levying any discipline against Williams.
Dave Joerger is safe. According to an NBA source, the Kings coach's job never was in jeopardy last week, and he is secure, as general manager Vlade Divac said in a public statement issued during Saturday's game against the Rockets. That isn't a guarantee Joerger will coach out the rest of the season or finish the final year of his contract next season. But it's an assurance that the immediate threat is over.
Jason Anderson: I want to stress that we don't have confirmation, but this has been rumored since the story broke Saturday night. Williams and Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports were seen having a lengthy conversation during the Kings-Lakers game Nov. 10.
Jason Anderson: Safe to say there is disagreement within the organization over playing time and rotational decisions -- so that part of the story was true -- but I'll repeat what I said Saturday night: Firing Dave Joerger is not a consideration for the @SacramentoKings right now. Not even close.
Here’s the issue. The Kings brought in Hill, Zach Randolph and Vince Carter during the offseason and still have Garrett Temple on the roster. These are respected vets who can play. These are vets brought in to help a young team, and according to sources, were brought in with the promise of a team aiming to be playoff competitive. But that promise was made to them by Scott Perry, who since left Sacramento and now makes personnel decisions for the New York Knicks. So the direction of the franchise has shifted since Perry left. An organization that brought in veterans aiming to win now is aiming to lose. Not surprisingly, Hill isn’t happy, according to multiple sources And the other veterans can’t be too happy, either. So the Kings have a mess on their hands. I’ve always liked Hill’s game, but when he signed in Sacramento, I questioned the prudence of the Kings bringing him on board when they just drafted De’Aaron Fox, the quicksilver point guard from Kentucky.
Chris Mannix: It was reported last week that the Kings are talking to Sam Hinkie and, in a general sense, they are looking for an executive to put above Vlade Divac. Now, Sacramento came out and inmediately denied that was happenning. They're lying.
“He’s a good dude, man,” Barnes said to ESPN of Cousins. “He’s young and he’s emotional. And I think that’s why we connected because I was a similar way, even though I’m still kind of old and emotional now. All he wants to do is win, and sometimes that gets the best of us. I think he’s judged unfairly, but the league and the world needs bad guys and that’s what we’ve done for them. So we give them the bad guys.”
Barnes understands the Kings had doubts about giving Cousins a $200 million extension in the summer. He gets the business. But throughout his 13-year career that included stops with nine different teams, Barnes said he’s never observed an organization handle a player -- let alone an All-Star player -- in such a deceiving manner. “Nah, never. That was bad. That was a bad way it went down,” Barnes said to ESPN. “But you know, my hat’s off to DeMarcus the way he handled it. To give everything he gave to that franchise and for it to go down the way it went down at the end is a tough pill to swallow. But he stayed professional and said the right things. Even though he may have felt another way, he said the right stuff and that’s all that matters.”
Is there any part of you that wants to talk to Ranadive or Divac? DeMarcus Cousins: Nah. For what? It was a coward move, so I’m pretty sure I will get a coward response. For what? And I’ve seen this happen before. I’ve been there through all same types … I was there with [coach] Mike Malone’s [firing]. I’ve seen how they operate. I know what kind of answer I will get anyway. So, what is the point?
A person close to Cousins said he was “blown” by the trade for myriad reasons. Losing nearly $30 million because he won’t be able to sign a designated maximum player contract worth more than $200 million was significant but only part of his frustration. Kings general manager Vlade Divac had told Cousins days before the deal that he wouldn’t be traded, only to ship him out for an uninspiring package from the Pelicans. Over the past few years, Cousins had developed a deep distrust of team management, which often told him one thing and did another.
Zach Lowe: DeMarcus Cousins ruined Nik Stauskas, or almost did. I mean, the stories about DeMarcus Cousins berating Nik Stauskas, threatening to fight Nik Stauskas on the plane to China when they were going there for preseason two years ago or whenever that was..."
According to a league source, the team grew tired of the constant issues on the court. After promising the star big that they had no intentions of moving him during a private meeting on Feb 2, he went out two days later in an overtime win against the Golden State Warriors and picked up his 14th technical foul.
According to a league source, the entire basketball operations side was part of the discussion on the situation, including head coach Dave Joerger. The Kings have built their team around the talented big each of the last seven season with the hope of turning the franchise around. Despite being in the conversation for the eighth seed, the Kings sit nine games under .500 with 25 contest left. Even if they found postseason paydirt, the Golden State Warriors would be waiting in round one.
so was he the awful teammate he's painted to be Anthony Tolliver: no
Ailene Voisin: I am told there is an additional roster move upcoming in Sacramento. No details. League studying prospective trade, expected to approve soon.
In recent weeks, Ranadive has become more open to the front office’s willingness to trade Cousins, passing on the commitment of a five-year, $209 million designated maximum contract extension this summer, league sources said. Cousins’ uneven behavior in recent weeks has softened Ranadive’s resolve to hold on to Cousins.
Ranadive has started to adopt management’s concerns about Cousins’ temperament to become a franchise pillar, sources said. Nevertheless, Ranadive has gone back and forth in recent days about his willingness to ultimately unload Cousins, sources said.
Cousins’ bold postgame statement gives the Kings some assurance that winning is not so out of reach. “I can say this is our first complete full game of the season,” said Cousins.
Then there is the gripe that feels sharper, more personal: that Ranadive is obsessed with his former team, the Warriors. One league source who knows the owner well says Ranadive, who still lives in the Bay Area, has an "unhealthy fixation on the Warriors." Sources close to the Kings partnership say that Ranadive "can't help himself" from claiming credit for innovations in Golden State. Ranadive hired a former Warriors assistant coach (Mike Malone), insisted the team run a Warriors-like offense (despite having few shooters who can fan out to the wings in transition and virtually no frontcourt players who excel in pushing the ball) and, sources say, determined that Malone would have two seasons to make the playoffs. Why two? Because the Warriors' Mark Jackson made the playoffs in that amount of time. Kings business executives use catchphrases, calling the team a "real estate company" or a "technology company," that were popularized in Oakland during Ranadive's time there.
Sources told that refraining from critical commentary of the Kings was part of Karl's settlement agreement upon leaving the club. When Karl was dismissed last April, both he and Divac issued complimentary statements about the 65-year-old's time there. In the epilogue of the book's proof copy, Karl shared candid views on Cousins and detailed his near-firing by the Kings in February 2016.
Jason Terry on George Karl: "First off, from having a first-hand encounter with the great George Karl, when I was a sophomore at the university of Arizona, I used to work George Karl's basketball camp in Seattle. I was at a banquet, George walked up, he approached me, shook my hand and then whispered over to me and said: 'you'll never make it to the NBA. You're never serious. You're a joke.' That's what he told me. Word for word. So I always kept that in the back of my mind, and every time I had to face a George Karl's team or when I've seen him, I always had a little extra motivation. That's just George. If you know George, you know, that's his personality. It has always been like that and I can see why guys had a tough time playing with him or for him."
Pooh Jeter: Ever since we were introduced, we’ve been 100 percent with each other. We had a great connection from the very first moment and I can say he’s one of the realest people I’ve ever known. He and his manager Andrew always showed so much love to me. I remember going out to different restaurants with him. DeMarcus being from the south, he took me to soul food spots (made me eat gator once!) and he was such a funny guy to be around all the time. He’s really cool and genuinely cares for people. Even though we have not been teammates for five years, he’s paid attention to where I was career-wise. When he knew I got the Ukrainian passport, he found it so funny. We eventually met in Bilbao (Spain) during the 2014 World Cup at a Team USA-Ukraine game and he was so amused by the whole thing.
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Cowbell Kingdom: DeMarcus Cousins very welcoming to media after win: "Hey Friends" Watch full interview on our YouTube channel. #CowbellKingdom #DeMarcusCousins #SacramentoProud [Link in Bio]
Joerger said the Kings were putting the situation with Cousins behind them and added there was nothing more to discuss. “I don’t think it was an issue to begin with,” Joerger said. “We’re done with it. The more we talk about it, the bigger it exasperates itself.”
The Kings investigated the situation with Furillo and took into account Cousins had issues with other media members at least twice this season before determining the fine. “The Kings have a clear set of standards of conduct expected of our entire organization,” the team said in a statement. “As a result of negative interactions with certain members of the media that were not corrected after verbal warnings, we have decided to impose a substantial fine. If this behavior is repeated again we will be forced to consider further discipline.”
Jason Jones: Arron Afflalo says he never refused to go into a game
Sean Cunningham: Substantial fine indeed. DeMarcus Cousins was fined $50,000, sources say.
The Bee video (above) shows one other heated exchange between Cousins and a different reporter. According to three people with knowledge of the situation, there has been one more similar incident this season that was not mentioned in the coverage. The people spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation. Make no mistake, though, this is hardly a new problem for the hot-headed Cousins. As for the on-court ramifications of it all, I discussed that aspect in a recent NBA A to Z Diary. In the latest NBA A to Z podcast with fellow NBA writer Jeff Zillgitt, we discussed the matter at length.
The Sacramento Kings have reacted to DeMarcus Cousins’ disagreements with the media by fining the star player. As reported by ESPN’s Marc J. Spears, the Kings have imposed a “substantial fine” on Cousins. A source who was knowledgeable about the fine but not authorized to speak publicly told The Bee it was $50,000.
Jason Jones: ICYMI: Kings statement on DeMarcus Cousins and his interactions with the media: "The Kings have a clear set of standards of conduct expected of our entire organization. As a result of negative interactions with certain members of the media that were not corrected after verbal warnings, we have decided to impose a substantial fine. If this behavior is repeated again we will be forced to consider further discipline."
Marc J. Spears: The Kings have given a "substantial fine" to center DeMarcus Cousins for his recent run-in with a Sacramento Bee reporter. The fine amount was undisclosed and there was no game suspension from the Kings. Here is the Kings' statement: "The Kings have a clear set of standards of conduct expected of our entire organization. As a result of negative interactions with certain members of the media that were not corrected after verbal warnings, we have decided to impose a substantial fine. If this behavior is repeated again we will be forced to consider further discipline."
Jason Jones: Can confirm Cousins was fined by the team…
Leo Beas: The Sacramento Bee only released a small portion of the altercation, which is positive for Cousins because if the full video had been released, then we would be talking about something else. I’ll just leave it at that. After all this, I still reached out to his camp attempting to find a resolution to an issue that, quite frankly, is beyond childish and unprofessional. I never received a call or text response from them.
Leo Beas: Before I move on to a bigger incident, let me point out that I didn’t write the story he is mad about, but I did publish it because it’s my job as the managing editor of Cowbell Kingdom. To this day, I feel that the story fairly stated objective facts and statistics that shouldn’t be ignored. I even received a text from a Kings player apologizing on the team’s behalf for having to witness another tantrum by the “leader” of the team.
Cousins said Joerger could relate to his situation because the first-year Kings coach also said Sunday he was unhappy with a Bee story in August that stated the names and ages of the coach's wife and two children in a story about his new home in a Sacramento suburb. "Of course, he dealt with a similar situation with the same people," Cousins said. "He gets it. I respect him for that. I respect him for speaking out. He doesn't have to. He went about it the right way. He spoke out on it. I respect him for that."
Sacramento Kings coach Dave Joerger has called for a truce in an ongoing spat between All-Star DeMarcus Cousins and The Sacramento Bee. Cousins recently confronted a Bee writer after a column that referenced the arrest of the 6-foot-11 star's brother. "This guy is the face of our franchise," Joerger said after the Kings' 99-79 loss to the Mavericks on Sunday. "He's done and said some things that he wishes he could do over. He has improved." He continued: "I'm not justifying anything that he's done. What he did was excessive. But enough is enough."
Storyline: Sacramento Kings Turmoil?
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