However, as they’ve gotten to know Leonard better, th…

2 years ago via TSN
However, as they’ve gotten to know Leonard better, they have come to understand the other priorities that drive him on daily basis. That’s what their pitch will centre on: trust, familiarity, a commitment to maintaining his health and the shared goal of chasing a championship, as well as the extra year and contract worth nearly $50 million more than anyone else can offer. Winning is undoubtedly important to Leonard, and it’s quite clear regular-season victories aren’t what he’s after. To that point, how the Raptors fare over the coming months could go a long way in strengthening or weakening their bid. If they’re playing into June, they’ll have a pretty compelling case to make in the room with Leonard a few weeks later. Conversely, if they flameout in early-May that pitch becomes a lot tougher to sell.
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