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Connor Letourneau: Draymond Green on his thoughts on contract-extension negotiations: "I'm confident I'll be here for a very long time, so it's not something I'm going into the season thinking about."
You mentioned, I think at the end of last season, that you were going approach Klay Thompson and Draymond Green with contract extension offers. Did that happen? Was there any progress made with either one of them? Joe Lacob: I’ll let Bob address those, specifically. But I think it’s fair to say we’ve had discussions with both of them over the summer, their representatives. Nothing’s been done or you’d hear about it. But we’d love to retain them long term in the organization and we will do whatever it takes to do that.
Myers was also asked whether conversations about extensions for Klay Thompson and Draymond Green were “imminent.” Thompson has one year left on his deal, Green has two. Both are eligible for extensions this summer but could earn more money if they wait. “Not today. Not tomorrow,” Myers said of the extension conversations. “But yeah, sure, guys have proven they can win, so you want to keep that group together. I have no idea how that’ll play out. It’s a lot of different conversations that’ll take place. If that’s something we want to look into, I’m sure we can have those.
With two years and $36 million remaining on his deal, Green is eligible for a three-year, $72 million extension, which would start in 2020-21. According to league sources, Green will turn the extension down when it's offered. That's because if he earns MVP, Defensive Player of the Year or All-NBA Team honors next season, he will be eligible for a super-max contract of five years, $226 million.
Sources say Green is not expected to take a pay cut on the next go-around. Green is not only the glue of the team but also the architect. The time is coming when the Warriors will have to show how appreciative they are of Green's contributions on and off the court. "I don't focus on that because as much as I looked out for the team's success, that still helps me in a sense of winning a championship and building a legacy that lives on forever," Green said. "I don't look at it like it's their turn to do me right. If I continue to play my game, if I continue to do better, they got to do me right, or somebody else will.
En route to his second successive performance as the most valuable player in the finals, Durant made multiple proclamations to the news media that he intends to re-sign with the Warriors this summer. Lacob, meanwhile, is intent on signing Kerr, who has one season left on his deal with the team, to a contract extension as soon as possible. Extension offers to Durant’s and Stephen Curry’s fellow All-Stars, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson are likewise forthcoming, according to Lacob.
"All good things cost a lot," he said simply. "We're going to try to sign Klay and Draymond to extensions this summer. They've earned the right to do whatever they want; maybe they want to wait until free agency. I can't control that. But we'll do whatever we can to keep them.”
Joe Lacob: "We've proven that if we think we're competing for a championship, we'll be in the luxury tax. No one wants to be, but we expect to be. All I can tell you is we're going to sit down and do our planning on how we're going to improve the team for the future and setting ourselves up in the future. And it could go a number of different ways."
What the Warriors will do: Draymond is another candidate for a possible early extension, if he, like Thompson, is ready to skip the open market — but that would more likely come after next season. Warriors management might idly contemplate flipping around the roster a bit on the frontline, but Green is too valuable to them (and maybe not valuable enough on the trade market) to really consider moving him any time soon.
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To recall back in 2019, Holmgren became the talk of social media after he crossed Curry and dunked the ball on him. The then-high school big man basically used Steph’s own move on him. Now, he just made it to the NBA, with the Oklahoma City Thunder using their second overall pick on him. Curry couldn’t be any prouder of what several of his camp’s alumni have accomplished, including Holmgren. While he will never forget how Chet embarrassed him, he said it’s “dope” that they are now going to face each other in the big boys’ league. “Chet hit me with my own move, little double behind the back … he finished it differently than I would though, I would have just pulled up from 3, he went to the basket and dunked on another dude. It’s pretty dope that he’s now in the league as the No. 2 pick,” Curry explained, per Bleacher Report.
Maxey thrived in the new role. He averaged 18.7 points and shot 48% from deep playing next to Harden. Now that the two have been able to work out in the summer, the young guard out of Kentucky is ready to build more with The Beard. “It’s gonna be great,” said Maxey at his 1% skills camp on Saturday. “Chemistry is everything. We only played like 20-something games together so for us to be able to have a whole training camp and an entire season together, it’s gonna be nothing but good things for us and a positive outcome.”