Mark Berman: ICYMI @Iman Shumpert had nothing to do w/ …

Mark Berman: ICYMI @Iman Shumpert had nothing to do w/ Kevin Durant’s injury. At the time he wasn’t certain: “I was hoping I didn’t stand under him when he shot his shot. I didn’t feel him step on my foot.Even in times of war u don’t want to hurt another guy..Off the court,great guy”
Storyline: Kevin Durant Injury
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June 18, 2019 | 2:40 am EDT Update
The Pelicans are open to dealing the newly acquired fourth overall selection in Thursday’s NBA Draft according to numerous reports. New Orleans also landed three young players from Los Angeles — Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart — plus additional future picks and pick swaps. Whatever the initial parameters, the conversation never veered close to actual negotiations, according to a source.
On Monday, The Athletic reported Warren, Jackson and the No. 6 overall pick were on the trading block, which isn’t surprising. However, NBA sources told The Republic that the two players and the Suns’ first-round pick weren’t available. Warren and Jackson were in trade news before the Feb. 7 trade deadline, but NBA sources told The Republic at the time neither were on the block.
One of the NBL’s smallest teams has signed one of US basketball’s most high-profile teenage talents, with LaMelo Ball joining the Illawarra Hawks. The 17-year-old guard, whose older brother Lonzo Ball plays in the NBA, has joined the NBL via the league’s Next Stars program, which offers projected NBA draft picks the chance to become professional and play in Australia in the lead-up to their draft year.
Reporters rushed him as he went into the Nets locker room. He cheered and rapped, “Look out Brooklyn, here I come… You can’t hide, you can’t run. I’m coming, baby!” He was great to the media and people around him. Personally, that same Arizona sophomore came into the locker room before a game in 2015. Noticing something off, Rondae asked if I was alright. He insisted to pull up a chair and talk about life – from his end to my end. He turned out to be the first real feature story I ever wrote, murmuring words that ring true for so many people facing adversity: There’s beauty in the struggle.