No, this was about the principle. It was about respect.…

No, this was about the principle. It was about respect. And it was about acknowledging and understanding his vital contributions — on offense and defense — to this living and breathing dynasty. “Everybody is saying it’s about money, but it’s not,” his father, Mychal Thompson, said in a phone interview late last week. “It’s about recognition for his two-way contribution. “Frankly, I thought that the media was more savvy about what it takes to be a champion. Not just focusing on one side of the court — you need both sides consistently to get to the level where the Warriors are at, why they’re such a great team. Put the focus on both sides.”
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August 15, 2022 | 8:54 pm EDT Update
Beginning with Simmons’ first paycheck on Nov. 15, Philadelphia began to take back the per-game salary of $360,000 for each game Simmons missed in the season. Because Simmons received a $16.5 million advance of his $33 million salary in the offseason, there wasn’t enough money in each paycheck to cover the per-game deductions. The back injury first affected Simmons during the spring of the pandemic-interrupted 2020 season. He also reported discomfort in his back upon reporting to Sixers training camp in October. The injury was assessed and treated by Philadelphia’s team doctors, and he was cleared to resume basketball activities shortly thereafter. That period was the only time Philadelphia did not find Simmons in breach of his contract last season, sources said.
August 15, 2022 | 6:14 pm EDT Update
August 15, 2022 | 5:45 pm EDT Update

Andre Iguodala on Kevin Durant: He should stay in Brooklyn

Andre Iguodala gave his perspective on Kevin Durant’s situation on the Point Forward podcast, naming the reasons why the two-time NBA champion Durant, who won both titles together with Iguodala on the Warriors, should stay in Brooklyn. “I think he should stay in Brooklyn, it’s such a big market, it’s good for the game and just figure out how to make it work like everybody grow up and make it work. That’s how I feel about the situation,” Iguodala shared his perspective.