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May 10, 2021 | 10:57 pm EDT Update

Karl-Anthony Towns comfortable in Minnesota

Krawczynski: From what I can gather, there’s an appreciation that Towns has for what the organization has done in terms of helping him through all of the grief that he has suffered over this last year. He’s got D’Angelo Russell here, his good buddy. He really does like Anthony Edwards a lot. He kind of envisions himself as a big brother to Edwards and helping him along in his development. You never say never with these things. You’re always going to be watching this, but all the indications on the ground here in Minnesota is that Towns is comfortable here and he likes his surroundings. He obviously wants to win. He wants to get back to the playoffs.
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Krawczynski: I do understand why plenty of executives around the league are monitoring the situation closely. Towns has been in Minnesota for six years. He’s only made the playoffs one year. The team in general has really struggled the past couple of years. He went through injuries, he’s gone through losing his mother and some other family members to Covid. It’s just been kind of a miserable existence really for the last few years. That said, from everything that I’ve been able to glean from Towns, his camp, and the Timberwolves themselves, I don’t think there’s anything imminent in terms of any kind of atrade request or things of that nature. He’s got three years left on his contract, which obviously the Timberwolves want to keep a player of his talent around.
Scotto: Recently, Carmelo Anthony moved into the Top 10 all-time on the NBA’s scoring list, and Towns was asked about him. He spoke glowingly about Carmelo’s time with the Knicks. He said he made it cool to be a Knick. With that in mind, I’ll always remember someone close to Towns who told me for years that one day he’d love to be a Knick. I remember his dad being at MSG when Leon Rose, the Knicks’ President who was Towns’ former agent, got the job, and it was his first day at the Garden on the job.
“If you’re not winning as a team, guys get traded, guys who were barely hanging on … get cut and are out the league and coaches get fired,” said Fox, who has seen all of that in his brief career. Perhaps with that in mind, Fox made a broad case for continuity, noting that the best teams are the ones where “players play together longer and develop chemistry, and coaches continue to grow and trust all their players.”
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