Family, teammates and confidants routinely checked on D…

Family, teammates and confidants routinely checked on Durant during his quest to rejoin his guys on the court. Each time, Durant explained that he was working to speed up the process but was still experiencing discomfort pushing off his right foot, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

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Although a torn Achilles could cost Durant the entire 2019-20 season, Marks said he spoke with three teams, and all of them remain willing to pursue KD in free agency: "I said ... If you had cap space, would you go out and sign Kevin Durant knowing that he will likely be out maybe the whole year? And the resounding answer was 'yes.' Each of the teams also said that they wouldn't even put any injury language in there for maybe years three and four to protect. So, yes, there will be a marketplace for Kevin Durant this summer, either with a team for four years, $141 million dollars or even back in Golden State here."
Durant opened the game jumping the ball up on a tender calf. And instead of primarily resorting to a catch-and-shoot game, he brought the ball up full court with some pressure and occasionally tried to create offense in isolation. Those are all circumstances that require a player to plant and explode firmly. “I don't believe there's anybody to blame, but I understand in this world and if you have to, you can blame me,” Myers said. “I run our basketball operations department.” There was a little resentment with how the Warriors handled the updates on Durant’s condition throughout his rehab process, sources said.
Mark Medina: Warriors scheduled to fly out of Toronto on Tuesday at noon ET. Not clear yet if Kevin Durant will have his MRI before team flies or after team lands in Oakland.
Anthony Slater: Bob Myers confirms its an Achilles injury for Kevin Durant. From one Warriors player in the locker room: “The hope is it’s not a full rupture.”
And ESPN’s Brian Windhorst was quick to point out just how severe the ramifications will be. “I was in the Warriors’ locker room and the doctors’ faces were ashen when Kevin came back there, it was almost like a mini-funeral back there,” Windhorst said. “He limped out midway through the third quarter; you don’t leave a game of this magnitude, this is a guy that’s been cheering his team along the whole time. He just wanted to get out of there. You could feel it was really bad.
“His agent Rich Kleiman was as white as a ghost. “The NBA just changed, the NBA just changed. Next year there’s teams crawling all over themselves to get Durant; there’s going to be this pecking order, there’s teams making trades to clear salary cap space, the thought was that he was going to be available on the market. “In addition to this series, the entire NBA just changed tonight.”
Ramona Shelburne: Warriors owner Joe Lacob “I have experienced a lot since owning this team. Some lows and many highs. Tonight was incredible pride in the resiliency of our team. And respect for KD coming back with our backs against the wall. But I am also so unbelievably sad about the KD injury.”
Henry Abbott: Warriors GM Bob Myers says he doesn't think there's anyone to blame, but if you have to, "you can blame me, I run the basketball operations department." Says Kevin Durant is one of the "most misunderstood people," and "I'm lucky to know him."
Jason Anderson: BREAKING: Warriors president Bob Myers tearfully announced that Kevin Durant suffered an Achilles injury tonight, the extent of which is not yet known. "I don't believe there's anybody to blame, but ... if you have to, you can blame me." Just devastating news. Get well @Kevin Durant.
O — Canada came for a coronation and left, inexplicably, with a headache. The Golden State Warriors staved off elimination by beating the Toronto Raptors, 106-105, on Monday, withstanding the loss of Kevin Durant and a brilliant fourth-quarter push from Kawhi Leonard to claim Game 5 and make it a 3-2 series. The defending champs left the court in joyous disbelief after pulling off a late-game caper for the ages. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combined to make 12 three-pointers, including three in the final three minutes. But a night that ended with stunned silence in Scotiabank Arena ran the full gamut of emotions. “An incredible win and a horrible loss at the same time,” Warriors Coach Steve Kerr said.
KD rides for #DubNation 💪🏾 (NSFW) (via easymoneysniper | IG)
Enes Kanter: Respect @Kevin Durant Get well brother 🙏
Jamal Crawford: No way...
Warriors coach Steve Kerr listed Kevin Durant as “a game-time decision” but sounded optimistic he will be a go for his long-anticipated return in do-or-die Game 5 vs. the Raptors on Monday night. Durant participated in Monday’s morning shootaround at Scotiabank Arena and Kerr said he “looked good.’’ Durant practiced on Sunday for the first time since he went down with a partially torn calf more than a month ago.
“He worked at shootaround, went back to get treatment,’’ Kerr said before a mob of cameras and reporters. “We’ll list him as a game-time decision, he looked good. We’ll see where it all goes. “That’s what we’re hoping for. No guarantees. It’s just how he feels and training staff feels.”
“You worry about the conditioning,’’ Kerr said. “The skill is undeniable. He can get a shot off anytime he wants. He’s been in similar situations with us where he had long layoffs. He’s Kevin Durant. If we have him out there, he’ll be a threat. We know that.” Asked about the Durant cloud hovering over the Finals, Kerr said, “It’s the way it goes. Injuries happen. But it’s been frustrating.’’
Tim Bontemps: Kevin Durant just walked into Warriors shootaround with Warriors trainer Rick Celebrini. He remains questionable for Game 5 tonight with a calf strain.
ESPN's Jay Williams said he was with Kevin Durant on Sunday and said he'd be "shocked" if the Golden State Warriors star does not play in Monday's Game 5 of the NBA Finals. "The one thing you know about Kevin, Kevin loves big challenges. He loves the big stage. For him to be dropped back into Game 5 of the NBA Finals is a monumental thing. I would be shocked if we didn't see KD on the basketball court tonight. I'm neither confirming nor denying. This is up to the Golden State Warriors about how they want to do this, but if KD is not on the floor tonight, I would be shocked."
But those two 2015 games are still a peek into the uniqueness of Durant’s smooth, polished skill set. The foot can be bothering him. The full burst may not be there. Concern could be creeping into his mind. But that jumper is still so pure, released at an unblockable height, that there may not be another human on the planet more equipped to drop a useful 22 points on this stage despite rust and pain. “He’s way better than a lot of people when he’s 100 percent,” Draymond Green said. “So if he’s 75 percent, he’ll still probably be better than a lot of people.”
Tim Reynolds: Kevin Durant walked onto the Warriors practice floor moments after most media were told to leave. I’m not going to get into his gait analysis. He was walking fine.
Kerith Burke: Klay said the hardest part as a player is going through injuries. If KD comes back for Game 5, Klay said, “He will be very welcomed. He’s propelled us to two championships. It would be pretty storybook if he could do the same.”
Kerith Burke: More Klay on KD: “I know how badly he wants to play. He’s one of the best competitors I’ve been around.”
Connor Letourneau: Kevin Durant will practice with the Warriors today, and he’ll get some extra work in with the younger players. Steve Kerr conceded that he’s feeling more optimistic about Durant returning.
At the very least, Durant’s absence that began back on May 8 is causing a mixture of confusion and angst among several of his teammates that simply can’t be helpful to their overall cause. Sources say there was a very real hope that Durant would be able to play in Game 4, to push through in much the same way that Thompson, Cousins, Iguodala and Looney have done of late. When that didn’t happen, and when they saw their season compromised more than ever without him after they’d grown hopeful of his return after seeing him on the court, the irritation grew in large part because they simply didn’t understand why he wasn’t there.
Warriors officials aren’t running from the reality that there’s frustration among some players, but they’re also quick to point out that trainer Rick Celebrini – not Durant – is making this call. And until Celebrini gives Durant the go-ahead, his long and painful stretch of absences will extend into this pivotal Warriors summer where his free agency future remains unclear.
Rob Lopez: . @WindhorstESPN : “Durant just isn’t ready. His body isn’t ready. The trainers don’t believe it, he doesn’t believe it...” He says there’s frustration around the Warriors about the situation
On Friday's NBA Countdown pregame show ahead of Game 4 of the NBA Finals, Rose revealed some information about Kevin Durant's recent workout, which apparently has altered Rose's opinion as to the likelihood of Durant's return to the Warriors in the best-of-seven series against the Raptors. "I'm really familiar with the setup, workout that KD had yesterday with the team," Rose said, "and I'm going to tell you guys, it didn't go well on any level. It did not go well on any level. I'm just going to keep it at that."
I asked Steve Kerr after Friday’s loss: Has the team maybe gotten too caught up in waiting for Durant? “No, I don’t think so,” Kerr said after his news conference. “Our guys internally, we see him every day. We’re aware of his progress and we’re aware of the limitations of where he is. So there’s certainly a hope — there’s been a hope that he could do it, that he could come back. But it is what it is. The guys are just playing. “I don’t think there’s a sense of disappointment or anything. This is just the way it goes.”
Nick Friedell: Draymond on KD potentially playing in Game 5: “Obviously we hope to have him. We’ll see what happens.” Says that it all depends on how Durant’s body is feeling. Says there’s been hope all series that KD would return, they just don’t know how he’ll continue to respond to treatment
Greg Logan: Klay Thompson said that, if Kevin Durant doesn’t return, #Warriors no longer will be considered favs. Knows few have sympathy because they have beaten teams reeling from injuries.
After Game 3, Brian Windhorst said that Durant’s availability would in large part depend on how he held up in a practice on Thursday, with the caveat being that it wasn’t going to be a standard practice given the fatigue and short turnaround of the games and would thus be players from the end of the Warriors’ bench and the G League. Appearing on Get Up this morning, at the 7-minute mark of the video above, Jalen Rose was of the belief that this would be an insufficient tune-up for Durant given that he’s been out for a month. While everyone thought this season was going to be a cakewalk towards a third consecutive Golden State championship, seeing if they can win either without Durant or with him being limited by the calf injury is going to be quite interesting.
As an injured Kevin Durant walked out of Oracle Arena without a limp on Wednesday night, he offered hope to Golden State Warriors fans desperate for good news. “We will know more in the morning,” Durant told The Undefeated about his availability for the NBA Finals after the Warriors’ 123-109 loss to the Toronto Raptors in Game 3. Durant had been the NBA’s best player earlier in the postseason, averaging 34.2 points, 5.3 rebounds, 4.9 assists and 1 block per game in the playoffs. The two-time Finals MVP appeared unstoppable until he suffered a right calf strain on May 8 against the Houston Rockets in the second round.
Marc J. Spears: When asked about playing in Game 4, injured Warriors forward Kevin Durant told @TheUndefeated: “I will know more in the morning.”
The Warriors are eager for Durant to return and, according to multiple team and league sources, KD might be even more anxious to get back on the court, particularly with the team dealing with injuries to Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney. Durant's return would be a massive boost for both morale and production. "He's got to continue to improve and not have any setbacks," Kerr said. "That's the main thing. So, we'll go from there."
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