Marc Stein: Kyle Korver said after the season that he w…

Marc Stein: Kyle Korver said after the season that he would mull retirement but one source with knowledge of his thinking said today that Korver, 38, is likely to play another season and maybe even two

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On Thursday during his meeting with the media, Korver acknowledged that he will entertain this summer the possibility of retiring. The 38-year-old Korver has a year remaining on his contract, but it is nonguaranteed for next season. "There's a real cost as you get older," he said of playing professional basketball. "There's what you need to put into the game, but there's also a family cost. That's probably where I'm at is weighing that cost."
Korver said that, "I think I still love playing basketball," but it's been a "long few years" for him with the unexpected 2018 passing of his brother Kirk, the fact he has young children, multiple trades and heartbreak coming up short of a championship in the NBA Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers. As such, he said he'll sit down with his wife and family and make the decision at some point.
Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Kyle Korver said he contemplated retirement this summer following an incredibly difficult few months on and off the court.
"I was done," Korver said Monday afternoon at Media Day. "I was just done. I took a good chunk of time and kind of got away from the game and really evaluated a lot of things and tried to decide if I still had the desire to play. Talking to my wife, my family, look at my kids, you know, we didn't really talk it through anything yet, but just tried to get a good feel for where they're at in life and after doing all that, I wanted to come back and I still wanted to play, still love the game and so I'm excited to be back."
After some heart-to-heart chats with his family, Korver determined he was ready to come back, ready to take on this new challenge. "I think really I needed to have the blessing of my wife and family," Korver said. "You guys hear this too, surely, you're schedules are tough as well and the older I get, there's a family cost to continuing to play. It's a real thing. So once I felt like my family was in a spot where, even though we went through what we went through, we're good, we can keep going, that gave me the freedom to really decide for myself if I still love the game or not, if I wanted to put the work in. I don't want to just come here and just be around. I want to come here and work, play well, make shots, win games. It's a lot but once my family was good, shortly after that, I still have the desire."
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May 16, 2022 | 9:00 pm EDT Update

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