Before you signed with the Kings, how stressful were th…

Before you signed with the Kings, how stressful were those couple months between the season ending and that deal? Tyler Lydon: I think I went through my phases. There were a few times throughout the week where it just kind of hit me. I’d be, like, freaking out. What team am I going to go to, am I going to go to a team? All that stuff. But I talked to my agent a lot through the process and he did a good job reassuring me. Honestly, the biggest thing for me was being able to come home (to Pine Plains). If I would have stayed in Denver or was trying to work out someplace else, it would have been on my mind all the time.
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August 17, 2022 | 7:21 pm EDT Update
CJ Holmes: Here’s all four of the Warriors’ long road trips this season: Oct. 29 – Nov 4: Charlotte, Detroit, Miami, Orlando, New Orleans Dec. 13 – 27: Milwaukee, Indiana, Philadelphia, Toronto, New York, Brooklyn Jan 13 – 20: San Antonio, Chicago, Washington, Boston, Cleveland
Jason Dumas: Looks like a local artist in the LA area has painted a mural of JTA in Inglewood. It’ll be unveiled to the public tomorrow. I realized how impactful Juan was at the first Mexican-American to win an NBA Finals during the Warriors parade. Cool stuff.

August 17, 2022 | 5:43 pm EDT Update