Jeff Eisenband: JUST IN: @Dallas Mavericks announce the…

Jeff Eisenband: JUST IN: @Dallas Mavericks announce they are now the 2nd @NBA franchise to accept Bitcoin as a method of purchase. Fans can use the provider @BitPay for tickets and merchandise online. The @Sacramento Kings became the first team to accept Bitcoin in 2014.
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August 19, 2019 | 1:43 am EDT Update
“I’m sure that it’s going to fuel them,” Gasol said of the loud skepticism increasingly endured by the American team. “The amount of talent that the U.S. generates every year is unbelievable,’’ he added. “Even with all the guys that dropped out — or if you want to say these guys don’t have experience internationally — they’re still super talented physically and technically. And they’re pretty well-coached as well. So you put it all together and it’s a great team.”