“The NBA shut me out a long time ago,” Robinson sai…

“The NBA shut me out a long time ago,” Robinson said. “(Big3 founder) Ice Cube opened the doors for me, and I’m here to stay. I’m happy here. The NBA would be nice, but I put that in the back. I still work out for me but not to impress any coaches or GMs. I do it for me and my kids to show them what hard work is, even though I’m not playing at the level I think I’m supposed to be playing at. The NBA was fun. It was 11 great years, and I’m satisfied with that.”
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August 19, 2019 | 1:43 am EDT Update
“I’m sure that it’s going to fuel them,” Gasol said of the loud skepticism increasingly endured by the American team. “The amount of talent that the U.S. generates every year is unbelievable,’’ he added. “Even with all the guys that dropped out — or if you want to say these guys don’t have experience internationally — they’re still super talented physically and technically. And they’re pretty well-coached as well. So you put it all together and it’s a great team.”