Arenas wrote on Instagram that Carter was taking a spot…

Arenas wrote on Instagram that Carter was taking a spot on an NBA roster when, in theory, that spot could go to a young player fighting for his dream. Arenas defended his comments Saturday and made it clear he has no personal vendetta toward Carter and thinks it’s amazing he’s still one of the world’s best basketball players because he’s in the NBA. But Arenas thinks Carter should step aside. “Let’s be honest here,” Arenas said, “You have Vince, or you have this young guy. You’re going to choose Vince. He’s put 20 years in. His 5 percent is better than your 100 percent because his 5 percent is going to be smart basketball, so the coach is going to overlook young talent until they get that experience. When you’re the last guy on the bench or the guy who got cut, you look at someone like Vince and say, ‘Come on, dude.’
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August 19, 2019 | 1:43 am EDT Update
“I’m sure that it’s going to fuel them,” Gasol said of the loud skepticism increasingly endured by the American team. “The amount of talent that the U.S. generates every year is unbelievable,’’ he added. “Even with all the guys that dropped out — or if you want to say these guys don’t have experience internationally — they’re still super talented physically and technically. And they’re pretty well-coached as well. So you put it all together and it’s a great team.”