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Devin Harris, 36, said he is weighing several NBA options, none of which are Dallas, but, more important, “enjoying fatherhood.” Harris said it will take “the right opportunity” for him to return for a 16th NBA season.
Shams Charania: Free agent guard Devin Harris is in strong talks on one-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks, league sources tell Yahoo. Sides hopeful to finalize deal in next day.
With his future in Dallas clouded with uncertainties, Devin Harris realizes he might have played his last game with the Mavericks. But the veteran guard doesn’t want to listen to his gut to get any signs on whether or not he’ll have to pack his bags and play elsewhere next season. "I tend to not follow my gut, because once you think one thing. . .it’s been pretty spot-on," Harris said. "Obviously, the first time I left here (in 2008) was very hard.”
Devin Harris: "My heart was into (remaining with the Mavericks), this is where I wanted to be, but like I said sometimes the business gets the best of you. So I’ll let the chips fall where they may and try to make the decision possible with the information that I have."
Devin Harris said the Mavericks have not given him any indication of whether the team will pick up the $4.4 million option on his contract for next season. "Ball's in their court but they haven't given any indication," the guard said during the team's exit interviews Thursday. "I just let the chips fall where they may and try to make the best decision possible with the information that I have."
Mike Fisher: #Mavs Devin Harris - 'it's a team option: ball's in their court.' photo sponsored by @PMStandleys :)
How do you feel about your future in Dallas? Devin Harris: Still kind of up in the air… Right now, I’m just focused on the season, we’re trying to get to the playoffs. But I’d love to be back, and I think they would love to have me back. I hope that works out and I can play another year or a couple more here.
Would you like to play for your hometown Bucks one day? Devin Harris: Yeah, they really have turned things around. Giannis Antetokounmpo is playing extremely well, they have Jason Kidd, a guy I played against for a while, the new ownership, new building… Lots of things going on there, and I would love to go back there at some point, but Dallas is where I am now.
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