ORLANDOMAGIC.COM: Aaron Gordon was at an event recently…

ORLANDOMAGIC.COM: Aaron Gordon was at an event recently and he mentioned wanting to become a more efficient post-up player. Is that an area that you pinpointed for him to train his focus on this offseason? CLIFFORD: “He’s been in here working. He’s done a lot with Pat Delany and he’s done a lot of shooting with Bruce Kreutzer. I think he’s in terrific shape and he was here for both optional workouts this week. He’s done a lot, working on his iso-game, working on his post-up game and working on his range shooting. But, also, people got to see his ability last year to be a good passer and he was a much better passer than I ever realized. It will come as we become more consistent and relevant, he made strides as a two-way player. He had a great year defensively and I was really disappointed that he didn’t get votes for the All-Defensive team.’’
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January 19, 2021 | 1:49 pm EST Update