Brevin, you got in right when the core was intact and G…

Brevin, you got in right when the core was intact and Grit & Grind was about a year away from being coined. What was the “wow, the Grizzlies are becoming a legit force” moment for both of you? Knight: For me, and I had only known the playoffs until two years ago. So I almost retired from this side because I said listen, if we’re not going to win, I’m not going to do this. As soon as I got here, you could see that this team had already formed an identity. It was just about what the young guys that they had, were they going to be able to understand how to win consistently. Their roles were defined, but they had a huge leader, and I don’t know if he gets enough respect, but Lionel Hollins was so intricate in allowing that to happen because first and foremost, he realized what the strengths of his team were. Not what everybody else was doing, but the strengths of this Grizzlies team was, how they could be good, but also, how they could embody what Memphis is. Because one thing that Lionel is, he’s a community person. He’s been that way since he was a player on through his coaching. He was able to embody what Memphis was on the court with players that were identical or very similar to hard work and blue collar. They were going to do whatever it took to find the positive. You could see right then that there was a culture and they found a way to win with that style and with that system.
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January 19, 2022 | 6:15 pm EST Update