Draymond Green: I describe the NCAA as a dictatorship. …

Draymond Green: I describe the NCAA as a dictatorship. If you’re an NCAA athlete, it controls everything you do. And if you don’t follow its archaic rules, it will prohibit you from playing. Brian Bowen, a young man from my hometown, was one of the top college basketball recruits in the country. But because his father took money in a pay-to-play scandal, Bowen was ruled ineligible for college ball. That’s not fair. Bowen did make it to the NBA, but his career could have been over before it even started.
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October 15, 2019 | 2:39 pm EDT Update
So begins the give and take of a radical experiment. Matchmaking mere superstars is passé. The Rockets, like the Warriors before them, landed an MVP to accompany their MVP. It’s not exactly the subtlest of moves; both Harden and Westbrook have big, loud games, inarguably bigger and louder than when the two began their careers together in Oklahoma City a decade ago. Only through separation did they fully become the anchors their respective franchises needed them to be. By reuniting, they hope to now find security in each other. “We’ve accomplished a lot of accolades, individually,” Harden says. “Now it’s time to accomplish something that we haven’t accomplished before.” It’s a long way to June. Yet through the very fact of being on the same team, Harden and Westbrook have already engineered one outcome that never should have been possible in the first place.
October 15, 2019 | 1:41 pm EDT Update