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Erik Horne: Billy Donovan said Andre Roberson went through contact practice today. No determination on if he’ll be available for the regular-season opener at Utah.
Royce Young: Andre Roberson is out again tonight, meaning no preseason action for him. Asked if he will be ready to go for opening night, Billy Donovan said, “I don’t know that.”
Thunder guard Andre Roberson is expected to play in Sunday’s Blue & White scrimmage. The question is how much. “Because he’s just got back to training camp, back to doing things, obviously we’re taking inventory of how he’s feeling, how he feels the next day, all those kinds of things,” Donovan said. “Obviously we want him to go out there and play. I think the medical staff with Andre will probably give me some direction on what the minutes would look like.”
Roberson was asked what he missed most since rupturing the patellar tendon in his left knee and battling through almost two years of rehab. "Locking people up," Roberson said without hesitation about his defense. Then the 27-year-old sounded like a man who was sick of seeing the likes of Damian Lillard, Andrew Wiggins and even his new teammate Danilo Gallinari torch the Thunder. "Let’s just put it this way," Roberson said. "… some of these guys have been too happy, too free."
Roberson’s goal is to play in the Thunder’s first preseason game, Oct. 8 against the Dallas Mavericks in Tulsa. The Thunder is hopeful he’ll play in preseason, too, but there’s no rush to return. Whenever Roberson does, he’ll carry an unwavering self-belief. "It feels good to be back out there and going hard," Roberson said Tuesday. "I won a couple games today with both teams, so it’s great.”
Last season, Andre Roberson targeted a return to action in preseason but instead ended up missing the entire season after two setbacks in the fall during rehab. John Roberson thinks Andre is in a better spot compared to last preseason. "He feels really good," John said. "When you get injured, it takes a toll on you mentally because you’re constantly doubting yourself and that things are going to hold up mentally. I think that’s the biggest hurdle he’s had to get over. I think he’s at that point where training camp will tell a whole lot."
It’s no surprise that when Andre Roberson ruptured his left patellar tendon in January of 2018, he attacked his rehab with a vigor that led to great progress but ultimately setbacks. "I know that was disappointing for him, not being able to go out there and help the way he wanted to help," John told The Oklahoman. "For me, it’s more important for him to be 100 percent as opposed to going out there and messing himself up further, or being a detriment to the team as opposed to being someone that’s going to actually help the team."
"He’s very selfless," John said. "He doesn’t care about the limelight. He doesn’t care about star status or nothing like that. Whatever the team needs is what Andre’s gonna do. That’s just who he is as a person. He was trying to deal with it and play through the pain. He’d done that for a while. It’s time to heal 100 percent and start the grinding process all over again."
Randy Renner: #Thunder guard Andre Roberson on track to fully participate in training camp this fall. Hear what he has to say about that and the frustration of not playing in the playoffs the last 2 seasons on today's Thunder Game Report at
Erik Horne: Andre Roberson said he's on a good track to return for training camp. Roberson said he was at about 85-90 percent when he had his last setback in November, went up for a dunk and heard a crack. "Everything happens for a reason. You continue to grow and learn from it."
Erik Horne: Billy Donovan on Andre Roberson's setback: "I'm disappointed because of how hard he's worked to get to this point, but I still believe he'll have the impact he's had while he's been out with some of our younger players."
Erik Horne: Donovan cont. on Roberson: "Obviously you want Andre back, but I still believe we can be a good defensive team. I'd love to have him back, but it's not like he's going down now and he played the first 20 games."
Thunder guard Andre Roberson has had another setback while rehabbing his left knee injury and he will miss at least another six weeks. The team said Roberson had a basketball workout on Thursday and felt discomfort when he came down from jumping. An MRI showed a small avulsion fracture in his left knee. The Thunder said Friday he will be re-evaluated after the six weeks.
The Thunder likes to operate with caution in regard to any injury and any timetable for return. What’s clear, however, is the progress being made by Andre Roberson.
The 26-year-old is still rehabbing his surgically repaired left knee, but nearly two months since experiencing a setback in his recovery, Roberson is showing positive signs. “I’m sure for him there are some days he’s sorer than others,” Thunder coach Billy Donovan said. “But overall, he just continues to progress and get better. You guys have seen him out here. He’s cutting, he’s moving. He’s been on a really good track.”
Monte Poole: Russell Westbrook (R knee), Andre Roberson (L knee) out for @Oklahoma City Thunder vs. @Warriors. Steven Adams (back) questionable. This is not exactly what the NBA had in mind for a marquee game on opening night in Oakland.
It's been more than eight months since Roberson ruptured the patellar tendon in his left knee. His rehabilitation process was going well until the Thunder announced Thursday he'd be re-evaluated in two months following a procedure to remove a suture that was irritating the knee and causing discomfort. “I think he's worked really hard to get to this point, but he's battled to this point and I think he'll battle to get himself back as soon as he can and he's able to,” Thunder coach Billy Donovan said after Friday's shootaround.
Erik Horne: Paul George on Andre Roberson’s setback, says it’s on the Thunder to keep Roberson’s spirits up. “I ain’t re-sign here for Dre to be back immediately. With all injuries, it‘s gonna take time.”
Roberson was on track to return sometime in November, but is now looking at a December return date at the earliest. That would be optimistic considering Dec. 4 would be the earliest re-evaluation for Roberson based on two months from his procedure, not to mention the Thunder has been adamant about not rushing him back in the process. “It’s unfortunate, but at the same point we’ve got to do what’s best for his safety,” Donovan said.
As former Thunder forward Taj Gibson walked down the hall of the Target Center on Friday afternoon, he was informed of Andre Roberson’s latest setback. Gibson then said what’s become clear to everyone monitoring Roberson’s fight to get back on the court. “That’s a tough injury to come back from,” Gibson said.
While Donovan didn’t say Ferguson was the guy going forward as the starting shooting guard, he all but assured he’d be the starter Friday night. “He’s been kind of the one constant in terms of who’s been out there and being healthy and being able to go through everything,” Donovan said. “… so he’s earned the right to go out there and play and start in these games just based on what he’s done so far in training camp.”
Brett Dawson: Roberson will be evaluated in two months. That’s not necessarily when he will return.
Royce Young: Roberson was on track to be back sometime in November from his original injury. With this setback, he’ll be re-evaluated in two months, but his return to play will likely be longer than that.
Erik Horne: Important to note: The Thunder doesn’t necessarily expect Roberson back in two months, but that's when he'll be re-evaluated, which would Dec. 4 if two months from today. The procedure to remove the suture was not a scope/arthroscopic.
Brett Dawson: Per Billy Donovan, Paul George will play tomorrow at Minnesota. Abdel Nader still out. Russell Westbrook and Andre Roberson remain out.
Andre Roberson has been seen shooting after practice, but because of the physical sessions in the first week of preseason, his involvement in actual practice has been limited. The Thunder had its sixth practice this week on Friday and Roberson has not been cleared for contact. The Thunder won't rush Roberson back in his rehabilitation from a ruptured patellar tendon in his left knee.
“He just can’t do those things,” Thunder coach Billy Donovan said. “Someone asked me if he’s jumping in there. Really, it’s been hard for him to jump into anything with the way practice has been. There will be a time as we start to go forward where he’ll be able to do that.”
Erik Horne: Billy Donovan said Thunder had contact and running up and down the floor, so it was expectedly hard for Andre Roberson to participate in all aspects of practice. Roberson is still non-contact. "There's things he can do as it relates to shooting and some movement."
Randy Renner: Presti says Roberson will participate in parts of training camp. Hopeful that he will be back early in season. #Thunder
Thunder guard Andre Roberson's 2017-18 season was derailed by a ruptured left patellar tendon. He hopes to be back to himself, however, by December. "My No. 1 goal right now is to come back 100-percent healthy and feeling comfortable like my self in the past with my movements and my overall feel for the game," Roberson told KABB in San Antonio.
Andre Roberson: "Sitting out a whole year away from a high level of basketball is going to be tough in terms of coming back. I'm not really putting a particular time on it but I want to come back to myself somewhere in like December. So, it'd be great if it happened before. Christmas, that'd be great. But like I said, not putting a time on it. Just taking it a day at a time."
Erik Horne: Andre Roberson on the Thunder’s summer league broadcast, if he’ll be ready for training camp: “That’s the plan. The plan is to come back for training camp and start the first game of the season. So far, so good.”
Brett Dawson: Andre Roberson went full third-person in talking about the Thunder's offseason: “It’s a great summer, man. Dre getting healthy, Paul coming back, some great pickups. I’m excited.”
Brett Dawson: Andre Roberson was in the gym shooting free throws tonight, Presti says. His recovery is “a long process,” but he’s starting to get to the point where he can “ramp it up a little bit.”
Royce Young: Andre Roberson had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee today to address some swelling that’s come on as a result of his rehab from the ruptured patella. The recovery of the patella itself though is said to be going great.
Royce Young: Roberson and the Thunder made a collective decision to have the scope now rather than wait and see if the swelling reduced on its own in order to continue to aggressively rehab to be ready for the start of the 2018-19 season.
Fred Katz: Presti on the amount of time it took to adjust to the loss of Roberson: "We didn't do a good enough job with that."
Steven Adams, who Andre Roberson described Wednesday as “my buddy since day one,” has discussed wanting to keep Roberson a part of the team [during his rehab from injury], too. “I’m doing everything I can to stay involved,” Roberson said. “Being around the guys just makes me feel not alone, because a lot of time, I’m alone, four walls, by myself, doing rehab with someone one-on-one.”
Erik Horne: Thunder announces Andre Roberson underwent "a successful procedure" today to repair his ruptured left patellar tendon. Surgery was performed by Dr. Carlan Yates of the McBride Orthopedic Hospital in Oklahoma City.
The Oklahoma City Thunder announced today that guard/forward Andre Roberson suffered a ruptured left patellar tendon during the third quarter of Saturday’s win over the Detroit Pistons. Roberson will undergo surgery to repair the injury and he is expected to miss the remainder of the 2017-18 season. Additional updates will be provided as appropriate.
Fred Katz: Adams and Dre are close. Same draft class. Rose through the Thunder together. Both have very good senses of humor. Have become good friends in the process.
“I'll be there for him along the way,” George said. “… to try to help as much as possible and putting him in a good place with the injury. Because I know how it is. I've been down that road before. One thing about Dre, man, he's tough. He's a strong person. He'll definitely preserve through.”
Royce Young: Billy Donovan confirms that it’s a patellar tendon injury for Andre Roberson, but said they’d know more once they get back to OKC for more evaluation.
Erik Horne: Steven Adams on Andre Roberson’s injury: “It’s s***. It’s real s***. He’s a huge part of our team and why we win. It’s a huge blow to us but we’re just gonna have to rely on some other players to step up.“
Brett Dawson: Roberson leaving on a stretcher. None of this looks good.
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