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July 10, 2020 | 9:25 am EDT Update
There have been no formal negotiations as yet, but teams, the union and agents are making preparations for these vital talks. Various stakeholders who spoke to ESPN described the basics of a plan that could create a consensus in the fall. The starting point is the inverse of the “cap spike” that hit the league in 2016, the influx of new television that caused the salary cap to balloon and famously enabled the Golden State Warriors to sign Kevin Durant.
Currently, 10% of players’ salaries are held in escrow during the season to balance any discrepancies between the projected and actual revenue for the year. In recent seasons, players have recouped the entire 10% escrow and even got additional payout as league revenue climbed. In 2017, that payout was $355,000 per player. One option, according to sources, would be to increase that escrow amount, perhaps to 20%, for one season. This would allow for a cash reserve at the end of the season when determining the league’s financial equilibrium.
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Other executives have speculated the league could institute another amnesty provision — a team would have the ability to waive a player and remove their salary from the cap while spreading out the remaining contract payment over several years — as a way to help teams with the financial crunch. Others suggest temporary relief from the current rules regarding reaching the salary floor to avoid forcing teams to spend money just to climb over it.
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Mahadevia said that nearly 7 million Americans belong to some form of Facebook group dedicated to fitness. The platform has hosted fitness content with partners including CrossFit and Ironman athletes, but this time will focus on Overtime’s Gen Z-heavy core demographic, which includes countless teenagers who’ve had summer training camps canceled. Nate Robinson, Tyler Herro, and Katie Austin are among the video hosts, as well as some of Overtime’s own talent.
Facebook believed Overtime was the right brand to help it grow in the space, thanks to what Mahadevia called its community-first approach. Founded in 2016 by Dan Porter and Zack Weiner, the social-native sports network primarily shares amateur highlights and lifestyle entertainment. Overtime has raised more than $35 million from investors, including NBA star Kevin Durant and the late David Stern.
July 10, 2020 | 7:41 am EDT Update
“KCP has been one of the brightest parts of our season this year,” Vogel said. “He had a terrific stretch there, in particular that time where Avery was out, and after a little bit of a slow start, really being one of the leaders on our team in playing harder than our opponent. The hustle, the intensity, changing ends of the floor and the shot-making he exhibited during that stretch and really most of our season was a huge reason for our record.
July 10, 2020 | 2:02 am EDT Update
“When I got traded, I remember I felt betrayed,” Deng told Tshabalala. “Because the guy who traded me obviously ruined the team — and I don’t mind saying that now, I would never speak about him as a person — but just the decisions that he’s made. Because it changed the whole course of what we were trying to do. When Derrick got hurt, we really felt that we were going to win a championship, but when he broke up the team, you just feel hurt because we became so close as a team. But we had a mission. And that was to wait for Derrick to get healthy and go at it again, but he decided to just break up the team.”
“I gave up a lot of money to stay with the Bulls,” Deng said to Tshabalala, alluding to a past contract (presumably, a six-year, $71 million extension he inked as a 23-year-old in 2008) he said he signed with the team against the wishes of some in his camp, who wanted him to explore more lucrative options elsewhere. “So when they came back again for my next contract, the year before the contract, me and Thibs went in and we talked to Gar Forman, (who) at the time was the GM, and we said, I want to sign right now before the free agency comes up and other people offer money. And at the time, he said — I was 27? 28? — he told me to take another team discount. “And I remember saying, ‘Why would I take another team discount? Why is there a discount again?’ You know, because this is when I was an All-Star. So he said, ‘We want you to take a team discount.’ So I was like, ‘OK, what’s a team discount?’ and he didn’t discuss anything. And at the time, it didn’t make sense for where I’m at, at the best of my career.”
“Thibs was upset, and Thibs kept telling them (the front office), ‘Sign Lu, I need you to sign Lu,’” Deng told Tshabalala. “So when the [2013-14 season] started, I wasn’t signed for the Bulls, and Thibs decided he was going to make them know how important I am for the team, and ran everything through me — and this is why I love Thibs still today… I was averaging 20 (points per game) at the time when I got traded. When the front office saw that I was averaging 20, obviously now, everybody wanted to pay me more money. So they decided that it was better to trade me before they lose me for nothing.
Terrence Ross ( @TerrenceRoss ) gives us a sneak peak at the NBA players’ game room/lounge. It includes PlayStation 4’s, arcade games, ping pong tables, a pool table, and a seating area.

Storyline: Orlando Bubble
For Wizards point guard Ish Smith, though, it’s no big deal at all. He was asked about the food and gave the type of humble, down-to-earth answer you would expect from him. “I’m okay. I’m low maintenance and I’m thankful for anything and everything. You’re asking the wrong person. You might have to ask somebody else who lives a little bit more of a high maintenance life,” he said. “For me, I’m thankful, I’m blessed. They bring us food, we eat it. I have no problems.”
My thoughts on wing depth were addressed in the previous question. As for those specific prospects, Okoro’s athleticism and defensive instincts stand out the most to the scouts I’ve talked to. Both Karnisovas and Eversley said they like players with defensive versatility, a trend in today’s NBA. Okoro projects to be able to guard point guard to power forward. Questions exist about his shooting ability, but he’s also got an improve-at-all-costs mindset.
Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson started the firestorm by sharing anti-Semitic quotes on Instagram he attributed to Adolf Hitler, saying Jews “will blackmail America” for their “plan for world domination.” He praised Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, pegged an anti-Semite by the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center. Durant liked a Jackson post complimenting Farrakhan after his July 4 speech, where he ripped Jews and said blacks shouldn’t take a coronavirus vaccine because Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci are trying to “depopulate the Earth.”
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