How did it make you feel to know that the Memphis Grizz…

How did it make you feel to know that the Memphis Grizzlies planned on retiring your jersey? Tony Allen: I ain’t gonna lie, I got kind of emotional at the time they brought me the news. I can’t front. As it soaked in, I got to thinking more and more about everything I did just to prepare, from rehab to strength and conditioning, long nights in the gym, battling in practice, keying in on my opponents and all the homework in that, just the blood, sweat and tears in that grind, in that jersey and all that. They showed a lot of love. It had me teary, man. It was one of those really emotional moments because I was in the locker room with some good dudes, had some good coaches, some real big personalities. We changed the whole narrative to “grit and grind” and “we don’t bluff.” Before you knew it, teams were scared to see us and match up with us in the playoffs. It just shows what we embodied.
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